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dec2014/1/dromedary camel saturday camel market guelmim
Dromedary Camel - at the Saturday camel market of Guelmim
dec2014/1/morocco woman picks off harvested dates
Morocco - A woman picks off the harvested dates
dec2014/1/morocco dates palmeries rissani
Morocco - The dates in the palmeries of Rissani
dec2014/1/morocco date harvest october
Morocco - During the date harvest in October the
dec2014/1/worker morocco dates palmeries
Worker - Morocco - The dates in the palmeries of
dec2014/1/morocco date palms bunches ripe dates
Morocco - Date palms with bunches of ripe dates
dec2014/1/aloe gariepensis inflorescences
Aloe gariepensis - with inflorescences
dec2014/1/augea capensis succulent plant grows arid
Augea capensis - succulent plant that grows in arid regions
dec2014/1/aloe gariepensis clings canyon walls
Aloe gariepensis - clings at the canyon walls of
dec2014/1/aloe gariepensis
Aloe gariepensis
dec2014/1/bloody finger succulent plant namib desert
Bloody Finger - succulent plant of the Namib Desert
dec2014/1/pink flowers mesembryanthemaceae family
Pink flowers - Mesembryanthemaceae family
dec2014/1/euphorbia virosa succulent plant toxic latex
Euphorbia virosa - Succulent plant with a very toxic latex
dec2014/1/hoodia gordonii yellow form
Hoodia gordonii (yellow form)
dec2014/1/kolmanskop coastal town lx24972a74z namibia
Kolmanskop, coastal town of L�z, Namibia, Africa
dec2014/1/namibia secluded chalets waterberg
Namibia - The secluded chalets of the Waterberg
dec2014/1/ostrich male on right black plumage
Ostrich - Male (on the right with black plumage)
dec2014/1/namibia salt works evaporation pans near
Namibia - Salt works at the evaporation pans near
dec2014/1/chalets exclusive wolwedans dunes lodge
The chalets of the exclusive Wolwedans dunes lodge
dec2014/1/namibia countless so called cuca shops
Namibia - One of the countless so-called Cuca shops
dec2014/1/namibia track damaraland africa
Namibia - Track in the Damaraland, Africa
dec2014/1/namibia b4 tarred road edge
Namibia - The B4 tarred road at the edge of the
dec2014/1/inside restricted diamond area east
Inside the restricted Diamond Area east of the
dec2014/1/fisherman notorious skeleton coast
Fisherman at the notorious Skeleton Coast whose
dec2014/1/colourful bubbles standing water shallow
Colourful bubbles in the standing water of a shallow
dec2014/1/so called organ pipes basaltic rock formations
The so-called 'organ pipes', basaltic rock formations
dec2014/1/namibia aerial view walvis bay namib
Namibia - Aerial view of Walvis Bay between Namib
dec2014/1/unusual sight himba woman seaside
The unusual sight of a Himba woman in the seaside
dec2014/1/namibia colourful painted facade shop
Namibia - Colourful painted facade of a shop in
dec2014/1/historic goerke house built 1909
The historic Goerke House (built in 1909) is one
dec2014/1/street vendor independence avenue main
Street vendor in the Independence Avenue, the main
dec2014/1/namibia aerial view holiday resorts
Namibia - Aerial view of holiday resorts along
dec2014/1/namibia aerial view swakopmund namib
Namibia - Aerial view of Swakopmund between Namib
dec2014/1/baroque style hohenzollern building
The baroque-style Hohenzollern Building in the
dec2014/1/woerman house damara tower completed
The Woerman House with its Damara Tower was completed
dec2014/1/little dolls displayed sale stall
Little dolls displayed for sale at a stall in the
dec2014/1/aerial view grass grown sand dunes edge
Aerial view of grass-grown sand dunes at the edge
dec2014/1/christuskirche church christ evangelical
The Christuskirche (Church of Christ) is an Evangelical
dec2014/1/beautiful facade st marys cathedral
The beautiful facade of St. Mary's Cathedral, a
dec2014/1/namibia modern high rise architecture namibias
Namibia - Modern high-rise architecture in Namibia's
dec2014/1/aerial view main building exclusive
Aerial view of the main building of the exclusive
dec2014/1/namibia view capital windhoek
Namibia - View of the capital Windhoek with the
dec2014/1/aerial view so called fairy circles
Aerial view of the so-called 'Fairy Circles', which
dec2014/1/landscape dawn moon bushman grass
Landscape at dawn with full moon and bushman grass
dec2014/1/aerial view grass grown sand dunes isolated
Aerial view of grass-grown sand dunes and isolated
dec2014/1/lakes marsh sacramento national wildlife
Lakes and marsh at Sacramento National Wildlife
dec2014/1/koala lower arm paw adult koala
Koala - detail of the lower arm and paw of an adult Koala
dec2014/1/hedgerow roadside bank flowers
Hedgerow - roadside bank with flowers
dec2014/1/goat twin kids suckling
Goat - & twin kids suckling
dec2014/1/magpie tame wild magpie man
Magpie - a tame wild Magpie with man
dec2014/1/rose thorn
Rose Thorn
dec2014/1/green desert rainy season
The "green" desert during the rainy season
dec2014/1/aboriginal rock art emu brush turkey spirit
Aboriginal Rock Art - Emu - Brush turkey and Spirit Figures
dec2014/1/namibia railway line blocked moving sand dune
Namibia - railway line blocked by moving sand dune
dec2014/1/namibia vein basaltic rock emerged
Namibia - A vein of basaltic rock emerged at the
dec2014/1/boy holding common kingsnake
Boy holding Common Kingsnake
dec2014/1/koala droppings hard ridged cylindrical
Koala droppings - hard, ridged and cylindrical
dec2014/1/brewers blackbirds wall girl
Brewer's Blackbirds - on wall next to girl
dec2014/1/shepherd sheep flock high pastures
Shepherd with sheep flock in high pastures
dec2014/1/robber fly feeding robber fly showing
Robber fly - feeding on robber fly showing cannibalism
dec2014/1/beach driving offroad driving 75 mile beach
Beach driving - offroad driving at 75-Mile Beach
dec2014/1/hazel coppice products
Hazel - coppice products
dec2014/1/march rainy season green grass
In March during the rainy season with green grass
dec2014/1/aloe gariepensis cling canyon walls
Aloe gariepensis - cling at the canyon walls of
dec2014/1/holm oak moss grown
Holm Oak - moss-grown
dec2014/1/cathedral fig tree tourist stands boardwalk
Cathedral Fig Tree - tourist stands on a boardwalk
dec2014/1/so called fairy circles circular patches
The so-called 'Fairy Circles' are circular patches
dec2014/1/goats argan trees feed olive like
GOATS in Argan Trees - where they feed on olive-like
dec2014/1/mussels exposed rocky beach
Mussels - exposed on rocky beach at
dec2014/1/print red indians mandan braves going voluntary
Print - Red Indians mandan braves under going voluntary
dec2014/1/gemsbok drinking waterhole
GEMSBOK - drinking, at a waterhole
dec2014/1/mule laden 200 kg cork oak bark
MULE - laden with 200 kg Cork Oak bark
dec2014/1/grey white rocks sand namib desert
Grey-white rocks in the sand of the Namib Desert
dec2014/1/windmills pincher creek alberta rockies
Windmills at Pincher Creek, Alberta, with the Rockies
dec2014/1/farmers old fashioned traditional farming
Farmers - Old-fashioned traditional farming with
dec2014/1/dawn moon edge namib desert
Dawn with full moon at the edge of the Namib Desert
dec2014/1/mount tamalpais seen san francisco bay
Mount Tamalpais seen across San Francisco Bay
dec2014/1/aerial view namib desert atlantic ocean south
Aerial view - Namib Desert and Atlantic Ocean south
dec2014/1/white pelican evening having dispute
White PELICAN - in the evening, having a dispute
dec2014/1/namibia moon landscape east swakopmund
Namibia - The Moon Landscape east of Swakopmund
dec2014/1/mixed old beech hornbeam forest wood pasture
Mixed old beech and hornbeam forest and wood pasture
dec2014/1/bee keeper hives old saxon village
Bee-keeper among his hives in the old saxon village
dec2014/1/iberian peninsular horse dressage display
Iberian Peninsular Horse - dressage display
dec2014/1/illustration men fighting bears
Illustration - men fighting bears
dec2014/1/weaver nests tree
Weaver nests in tree
dec2014/1/grey white rocks sand dunes namib desert
Grey-white rocks and sand dunes in the Namib Desert
dec2014/1/geologists examining hangman grits
Geologists - examining Hangman grits
dec2014/1/saltmarsh mudflats estuarine habitat elkhorn
Saltmarsh, mudflats and estuarine habitat at Elkhorn
dec2014/1/feral goat feeding tree
Feral Goat - Feeding in tree
dec2014/1/aerial view dry bed kuiseb river
Aerial view of the dry bed of the Kuiseb river
dec2014/1/buffalo hunt 19c print
Buffalo Hunt - 19C Print
dec2014/1/carpets devils thorn sand dune
Carpets of Devil's Thorn and sand dune during the
dec2014/1/sheep flock shepherds pass gudani
Sheep flock and shepherds on pass in the Gudani
dec2014/1/father christmas snow bicycle
Father Christmas - in snow - with bicycle
dec2014/1/recycling plastic container lobster traps
Recycling - plastic container made into lobster traps
dec2014/1/autumn forest low morning sun casts sunrays
autumn forest - the low morning sun casts sunrays
dec2014/1/grass grown red kalahari dune east town gochas
Grass-grown red Kalahari dune east of the town of Gochas
dec2014/1/print illustration sioux indian bear dance
Print / Illustration - Sioux Indian bear dance
dec2014/1/aerial view sand dunes isolated mountain
Aerial view of sand dunes and isolated mountain


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