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dec2014/1/fawkner park mature trees woman walking dog
Fawkner Park with mature trees and woman walking dog
dec2014/1/aerial wheat harvested combine harvester work
Aerial - Wheat being harvested - combine harvester at work
dec2014/1/wool bale lifted victoria
Wool bale being lifted Victoria
dec2014/1/wheat harvested combine harvester work
Wheat being harvested - combine harvester at work
dec2014/1/worker woolshed interior victoria
Worker - Woolshed interior Victoria
dec2014/1/rowers moomba festival dragon boat races
Rowers - Moomba Festival: dragon boat races
dec2014/1/sheep shearing
Sheep shearing
dec2014/1/cattleman kelpies cross blue heeler kelpie
Cattleman with two kelpies & cross blue heeler / kelpie
dec2014/1/sheep shearer portrait victoria
Sheep shearer portrait Victoria
dec2014/1/burnt forest omeo highway bush aftermath
Burnt forest on the Omeo Highway - Bush fire aftermath
dec2014/1/cattleman horseback taking cattle summer
Cattleman on horseback taking cattle to summer
dec2014/1/oarocodile harryoa in dugout coober pedy
OAƒrocodile HarryOA in his dugout Coober Pedy
dec2014/1/interior oaugoutoa coober pedy hotel
Interior of OA„ugoutOA - Coober Pedy Hotel
dec2014/1/mineroa3 underground home zoe pollard family
MinerOA³ underground home Zoe Pollard and family
dec2014/1/cafes lygon street
Cafes, Lygon Street
dec2014/1/cattleman returning high county near tooma
Cattleman returning from High County near Tooma
dec2014/1/cattleman horse
Cattleman with Horse
dec2014/1/chief wife saleapaga village
Chief and his wife Saleapaga Village
dec2014/1/cattleman kelpies cross blue heeler
Cattleman with two Kelpies and one cross Blue Heeler
dec2014/1/cattleman mustering tom groging station
Cattleman - during mustering at Tom Groging Station
dec2014/1/stockman mustering cattle tom groggin station
Stockman mustering cattle Tom Groggin Station
dec2014/1/cattleman leading horses search lost cattle
Cattleman - leading horses. In search of lost cattle
dec2014/1/davies plain indi wilderness sunrise
Davies Plain (Indi Wilderness) - at sunrise
dec2014/1/cattle mustering riders horseback
Cattle Mustering - Riders on horseback
dec2014/1/workers potato field south gippsland
Workers in potato field South Gippsland
dec2014/1/cattle mustering rider horseback
Cattle Mustering - Rider on horseback
dec2014/1/people fishing off portsea pier victoria
People fishing off Portsea Pier Victoria
dec2014/1/cape schanck
Cape Schanck
dec2014/1/amethyst amethystine scrub python swallowing
Amethyst / Amethystine / Scrub Python - after swallowing
dec2014/1/children bathurst island one tiwi islands
Children of Bathurst Island (one of the Tiwi Islands
dec2014/1/rice harvesting murray river region
Rice harvesting Murray River region
dec2014/1/kangaroo looking lens camera photographer
Kangaroo - looking down lens of camera with photographer
dec2014/1/bus drivers thien nguyen vietnamese origin
Bus drivers Thien Nguyen, Vietnamese origin, with
dec2014/1/zebra river crossing caught nile
Zebra - at river crossing being caught by Nile
dec2014/1/photographers tribesman
Photographers with Tribesman
dec2014/1/photographer jean paul ferrero eastern grey
Photographer Jean-Paul Ferrero with Eastern Grey
dec2014/1/australia evelyn central store petrol station
Australia - Evelyn Central Store & petrol station
dec2014/1/maasai sheep goats cattle
Maasai - with sheep, goats & cattle
dec2014/1/lappet faced vuture eating carrion
Lappet-faced Vuture - eating carrion
dec2014/1/lappet faced vulture carcass
Lappet-faced Vulture - with carcass
dec2014/1/lit maasai people promote new grass
Fire - lit by Maasai people to promote new grass
dec2014/1/lappet faced vultures eating carrion
Lappet-faced Vultures - eating carrion
dec2014/1/lappet faced vulture eating carrion
Lappet-faced Vulture - eating carrion
dec2014/1/lappet faced vulture feeding carrion
Lappet-faced Vulture - feeding on carrion
dec2014/1/maasai settlements cattle sheep wildlife
Maasai settlements cattle and sheep, and wildlife
dec2014/1/maasai men herding cattle
Maasai men herding cattle
dec2014/1/maasai men herding goats
Maasai men herding goats
dec2014/1/cheetah prey thomsonoa3 gazelle
Cheetah - with prey (ThomsonOA³ gazelle)
dec2014/1/maasai men cattle
Maasai men and cattle
dec2014/1/wildebeest attacked nile crocodile
Wildebeest - being attacked by Nile crocodile in
dec2014/1/maasai peopleoa3 cattle air
Maasai peopleOA³ cattle from the air
dec2014/1/olive baboon responding photographer jean michel
Olive Baboon - responding to photographer Jean-Michel Labat
dec2014/1/anubis olive savanna baboon killing young
Anubis / Olive / Savanna Baboon - Killing young
dec2014/1/tawny eagle eating baby thomsonoa3 gazelle
Tawny Eagle - eating baby ThomsonOA³ gazelle
dec2014/1/anubis olive savanna baboon feeding young
Anubis / Olive / Savanna Baboon - Feeding on young
dec2014/1/eurasian lynx licking lips roe deer carcass
Eurasian Lynx - Licking lips - With roe deer carcass
dec2014/1/eurasian lynx roe deer prey snow
Eurasian Lynx - With roe deer prey in snow
dec2014/1/eurasian lynx deer carcass snow
Eurasian Lynx - With deer carcass in snow
dec2014/1/eurasian lynx carrying rabbit prey mouth snow
Eurasian Lynx - Carrying rabbit prey in mouth in snow
dec2014/1/eurasian lynx night
Eurasian Lynx - At night
dec2014/1/eurasian lynx playing rabbit prey snow
Eurasian Lynx - Playing with rabbit prey in snow
dec2014/1/spanish iberian pardel lynx snow rabbit
Spanish / Iberian / Pardel lynx - In snow with rabbit prey
dec2014/1/lion dragging prey
Lion - dragging prey
dec2014/1/nile crocodile water prey
Nile Crocodile - In water with prey
dec2014/1/african white backed vulture close up head
African White-backed VULTURE - close-up of head and carcass
dec2014/1/eurasian lynx snow rabbit kill
Eurasian Lynx - In snow with Rabbit kill
dec2014/1/nile crocodile water gazelle prey
Nile Crocodile - In water with Gazelle prey
dec2014/1/nile crocodile eating gazelle prey
Nile Crocodile - Eating Gazelle prey
dec2014/1/kenya maasai herdsman sheep goats cattle
KENYA - Maasai herdsman with sheep, goats & cattle
dec2014/1/african elephant speared maasai arrow spear
African Elephant - speared by Maasai arrow. Spear
dec2014/1/cheetah thomsons gazelle
Cheetah - with Thomson's Gazelle
dec2014/1/vultures elephant carcass ruppels griffon vulture
Vultures on Elephant carcass. Ruppels Griffon Vulture
dec2014/1/lion lioness female kill blood
LION - lioness / female with kill and blood
dec2014/1/martial eagle perched dead tree branch kill
Martial Eagle - perched on dead tree branch with kill: Genet
dec2014/1/nile crocodile eating thomsons gazelle
Nile Crocodile - Eating Thomson's Gazelle
dec2014/1/north american black bear salmon mouth
North American Black BEAR - with salmon in mouth
dec2014/1/siberian amur tiger snarling wild boar prey
Siberian / Amur TIGER - snarling, with wild boar prey
dec2014/1/siberian tiger wild boar prey
Siberian Tiger - with Wild Boar prey
dec2014/1/eastern long haired chimpanzee eating red
Eastern / Long-haired Chimpanzee - eating Red Colobus Monkey
dec2014/1/siberian amur tiger prey
Siberian / Amur TIGER - with prey
dec2014/1/siberian tiger kill snow
Siberian Tiger - with kill in snow
dec2014/1/abdims storks flight frog prey
Abdim's Storks - in flight with frog prey
dec2014/1/european grey wolf eating lambs head
EUROPEAN GREY WOLF - eating Lamb's head
dec2014/1/bald eagle flight catching rainbow trout
Bald Eagle - In flight catching rainbow trout
dec2014/1/canadian lynx hunting snowshoe varying hare
Canadian LYNX - hunting Snowshoe / Varying HARE
dec2014/1/red fox carrying arctic ground squirrel ptarmigan
Red Fox carrying arctic ground squirrel and ptarmigan
dec2014/1/bald eagle flight catching fish
Bald Eagle - In flight, catching fish
dec2014/1/mountain goats
Mountain Goats
dec2014/1/wild grey wolf trying bison cow
Wild Grey Wolf - trying to take down a Bison cow
dec2014/1/northern river otter pups trying subdue large
Northern River Otter - pups trying to subdue large
dec2014/1/alaska oil pipeline
Alaska oil pipeline
dec2014/1/mountain goat nanny kid lying overlooking
Mountain Goat - nanny and kid lying down overlooking
dec2014/1/trans alaskan oil pipeline passing
The Trans-Alaskan Oil Pipeline passing through
dec2014/1/wind turbines generating electricity windmill
Wind turbines generating electricity at a windmill farm
dec2014/1/black bear tracks mud pond edge summer
Black Bear - tracks in mud along pond edge - summer
dec2014/1/black bear coyote canis latrans tracks
Black Bear and Coyote (Canis latrans) tracks in
dec2014/1/black bear tracks mud pond edge summer
Black Bear tracks in mud along pond edge - summer
dec2014/1/alaska tlingit indian totem totem bight totem
Alaska - Tlingit Indian Totem at Totem Bight Totem
dec2014/1/black bear tracks coyote canis latrans
Black Bear - tracks with Coyote (Canis latrans)


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