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dec2014/1/polar bear checking remains bowhead
Polar Bear - checking out the remains of a bowhead
dec2014/1/grizzly bear guarding bull elk kill autumn
Grizzly Bear - guarding a bull elk kill - autumn
dec2014/1/sea otter kayakers paddling near raft sea
Sea Otter - Kayakers paddling near a raft of sea
dec2014/1/cougar mountain lion puma preying porcupine
Cougar / Mountain Lion / Puma - preying on porcupine
dec2014/1/steven r reagan phd left david soileau
Steven R. Reagan, Ph.D (left) and David Soileau
dec2014/1/southeast alaska totem tlingit indian totem
Southeast Alaska Totem -Tlingit Indian Totem at
dec2014/1/oil pipeline
Oil pipeline
dec2014/1/kermode black bear salmon fish mouth
Kermode Black Bear - With Salmon fish in mouth
dec2014/1/wild coyote catching cutthroat trout small
Wild Coyote - catching cutthroat trout in small
dec2014/1/wild coyote yellow bellied marmot prey
Wild Coyote - with yellow-bellied marmot as prey
dec2014/1/wild coyote cutthroat trout just
Wild Coyote - with cutthroat trout it has just
dec2014/1/beaver webbing foot from specimen
Beaver - webbing on foot (from a specimen)
dec2014/1/wild coyotes cutthroat trout caught
Wild Coyotes - with cutthroat trout it has caught
dec2014/1/orca whale killer whale sailboat
Orca Whale / Killer Whale - with sailboat
dec2014/1/killer orca whale whale watching
Killer / Orca Whale - whale watching
dec2014/1/grizzly bear foot
Grizzly Bear back foot
dec2014/1/grizzly bear claws
Grizzly bear claws
dec2014/1/barred owl prey
Barred Owl - With prey
dec2014/1/purple heron hunting reeds
Purple Heron - hunting among reeds
dec2014/1/barred owl preying crayfish crawfish southern
Barred Owl preying on crayfish (crawfish) in southern swamp
dec2014/1/barred owl tree prey mouth
Barred Owl - in tree with prey in mouth
dec2014/1/sociable social weaver looking nest
Sociable / Social Weaver - looking up to the nest
dec2014/1/olive plantation spain showing typical rolling
OLIVE - plantation in Spain showing typical rolling
dec2014/1/kruger national park south africa
Kruger National Park, SOUTH AFRICA
dec2014/1/pintail duck male portrait
PINTAIL DUCK - male, portrait
dec2014/1/spain green hills winter good rainfall
Spain - green hills after winter of good rainfall
dec2014/1/pochard duck male
Pochard Duck - male
dec2014/1/shoveler duck female grass
Shoveler DUCK - Female, on grass
dec2014/1/collared pratincole
Collared Pratincole
dec2014/1/greater kudu x males
GREATER KUDU - x two males
dec2014/1/african cape buffalo bull yellow billed
African / Cape BUFFALO - bull with Yellow-billed
dec2014/1/burchells plains common zebra close up
Burchell's / Plains / Common ZEBRA - close-up of
dec2014/1/greater kudu male eating leaves
Greater KUDU - Male eating leaves
dec2014/1/african elephant calf drinking waterhole
African Elephant - calf drinking at a waterhole
dec2014/1/hippopotamus bull muddy waterhole dry season
Hippopotamus - Bull, muddy from waterhole in dry season
dec2014/1/yellow baboon basking light early morning
Yellow BABOON - Basking in the light of the early morning
dec2014/1/spain brilliant oahite townoa of casares
SPAIN - The brilliant OA—hite TownOA of Casares
dec2014/1/hippopotamus bull waterhole
Hippopotamus - bull in waterhole
dec2014/1/hippopotamus lazing luangwa river
HIPPOPOTAMUS - Lazing in the Luangwa River
dec2014/1/olive trees cultivated field
Olive Trees - On cultivated field
dec2014/1/hippopotamus bull yawning waterhole covered
Hippopotamus - bull yawning at waterhole covered
dec2014/1/namibia tourists desert camelthorn tree
dec2014/1/namib desert horse cantering desert
NAMIB DESERT HORSE - cantering in desert
dec2014/1/olive grove
Olive Grove
dec2014/1/ostrich group young females probably
OSTRICH - group of young females, probably of the
dec2014/1/cape ground squirrel young feeding thornbush
Cape Ground Squirrel - young feeding at thornbush
dec2014/1/impala male drinking lakeshore
Impala - male drinking at the lakeshore
dec2014/1/evening sky clouds sunset
Evening sky with clouds at sunset
dec2014/1/nile crocodile
Nile Crocodile
dec2014/1/nile monitor showing forked tongue
Nile Monitor - showing its forked tongue which
dec2014/1/nile crocodile opening mouth crocodiles
Nile Crocodile - by opening their mouth crocodiles
dec2014/1/hippopotamus bull coming water
Hippopotamus - bull coming out of the water
dec2014/1/hippopotamus bulls play fighting
Hippopotamus - Two bulls play fighting
dec2014/1/hippopotamus bulls educational play fight
Hippopotamus - Two bulls at an "educational" play fight
dec2014/1/african wild dog yawning
African Wild Dog - yawning
dec2014/1/grey heron heron uses the unconcerned
Grey Heron - The heron uses the back of the unconcerned
dec2014/1/african wild dog captive animal fed
African Wild Dog - this captive animal is fed
dec2014/1/tourists boat cruise chobe river observe
Tourists on a boat cruise on the Chobe River observe
dec2014/1/african wild dog
African Wild Dog
dec2014/1/black footed cat small spotted cat smallest
Black-footed Cat / Small Spotted Cat - smallest African cat
dec2014/1/island tents accomodation built poles right
Island Tents Accomodation - built on poles right
dec2014/1/sociable weavers nest huge communal nest
Sociable Weavers Nest - huge communal nest at a
dec2014/1/traffic sign warning crossing elephants
Traffic sign warning of crossing elephants at the
dec2014/1/ostrich pair male left chicks
Ostrich - pair (male on the left) with chicks
dec2014/1/tracker radio tracking leopard okonjima
Tracker - Radio tracking a Leopard at the Okonjima
dec2014/1/bushmen presenting tourist demonstration
Bushmen - presenting tourist demonstration - Camelthorn
dec2014/1/slender mongoose burrow
Slender Mongoose - at its burrow
dec2014/1/banded mongoose
Banded Mongoose
dec2014/1/lion male resting grass grown kalahari dune
Lion - male resting on a grass-grown Kalahari dune
dec2014/1/african elephant females calves rushing
African Elephant - females with calves rushing
dec2014/1/pied kingfisher perching pole chobe river
Pied Kingfisher - perching on a pole in the Chobe River
dec2014/1/african elephant sides cow calf
African Elephant - back sides of a cow with calf
dec2014/1/southern giraffe males
Southern Giraffe - two males
dec2014/1/african elephant cow calves drinking
African Elephant - cow with two calves drinking
dec2014/1/african elephant drinking cow shallow
African Elephant - drinking cow in the shallow
dec2014/1/cheetah female resting grass right male
Cheetah - female - resting in the grass to the right a male
dec2014/1/african elephant breeding herd drinking
African Elephant - breeding herd drinking at the
dec2014/1/african elephant small family wallowing
African Elephant - small family wallowing in a
dec2014/1/african elephant cow calf taking dust
African Elephant - cow with calf taking a dust
dec2014/1/african elephant females drinking
African Elephant - two females drinking at the
dec2014/1/cheetah female fence enclosure
Cheetah - female at the fence of her enclosure
dec2014/1/cheetah resting 41 days old male cub
Cheetah - resting 41 days old male cub
dec2014/1/cheetah 41 days old male cub
Cheetah - 41 days old male cub
dec2014/1/cheetah female
Cheetah - female
dec2014/1/cheetah 41 days old male cub sleeping
Cheetah - 41 days old male cub sleeping
dec2014/1/cheetah 41 days old male cub light
Cheetah - 41 days old male cub in the last light
dec2014/1/cheetah tender moment tired female
Cheetah - tender moment between a tired female
dec2014/1/cheetah 40 days old male cub resting mother
Cheetah - 40 days old male cub next to its resting mother
dec2014/1/cheetah female grooming 41 days old male
Cheetah - female grooming its 41 days old male
dec2014/1/cheetah 41 days old male cubs
Cheetah - two 41 days old male cubs next to their
dec2014/1/cheetah female licking lips 40 days
Cheetah - female licking lips with its two 40 days
dec2014/1/cheetah tired 40 days old male cub mother
Cheetah - tired 40 days old male cub next to its mother
dec2014/1/cheetah 40 days old male cubs mother
Cheetah - two 40 days old male cubs next to their mother
dec2014/1/cheetah resting female 40 days old male cub
Cheetah - resting female with its 40 days old male cub
dec2014/1/cheetah tired 40 days old male cub rests head
Cheetah - tired 40 days old male cub rests head
dec2014/1/cheetah 40 days old male cubs
Cheetah - two 40 days old male cubs
dec2014/1/cheetah playful 40 days old male cub
Cheetah - playful 40 days old male cub next to
dec2014/1/cheetah 39 days old male cub light
Cheetah - 39 days old male cub in the last light
dec2014/1/cheetah 40 days old male cub mother
Cheetah - 40 days old male cub next to its mother


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