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dec2014/1/cheetah female 39 days old male cub
Cheetah - female with its 39 days old male cub
dec2014/1/cheetah resting female 39 days old male
Cheetah - resting female with its 39 days old male
dec2014/1/cheetah 39 days old male cubs
Cheetah - two 39 days old male cubs
dec2014/1/cheetah female grooming 39 days old male cub
Cheetah - female grooming its 39 days old male cub
dec2014/1/cheetah 39 days old male cub mother
Cheetah - 39 days old male cub with its mother
dec2014/1/cheetah female light evening
Cheetah - female in the last light of the evening
dec2014/1/cheetah female tries grab 19 days old
Cheetah - female tries to grab her 19 days old
dec2014/1/cheetah 19 days old male cub
Cheetah - 19 days old male cub
dec2014/1/cheetah male running
Cheetah - male running
dec2014/1/cheetah close up female light
Cheetah - close-up of a female in the last light
dec2014/1/cheetah close up female
Cheetah - close-up of a female
dec2014/1/cheetah male morning light observing
Cheetah - male in the morning light observing its
dec2014/1/cheetah skin patterns
Cheetah - skin patterns
dec2014/1/cheetah male sleeping
Cheetah - male sleeping
dec2014/1/cheetah close up female
Cheetah - close-up female
dec2014/1/cheetah male urinates trunk acacia
Cheetah - male urinates at the trunk of an Acacia
dec2014/1/cheetah male checks trunk acacia tree
Cheetah - male checks the trunk of an Acacia tree
dec2014/1/cape buffalo ruminating bull
Cape Buffalo - ruminating bull
dec2014/1/caracal tender interaction semi tame
Caracal - tender interaction between semi-tame
dec2014/1/chacma baboon sub adults early morning
Chacma Baboon - two sub-adults in the early morning
dec2014/1/burchells zebra fighting stallions waterhole
Burchell's Zebra - fighting stallions next to a waterhole
dec2014/1/huge communal nest sociable weavers camelthorn
Huge communal nest of Sociable Weavers in a Camelthorn
dec2014/1/chacma baboon basking termite hill
Chacma Baboon - basking at a termite hill in the
dec2014/1/burchells zebra hazy morning
Burchell's Zebra - on a hazy morning
dec2014/1/burchells zebra drinking waterhole
Burchell's Zebra - drinking at a waterhole
dec2014/1/burchells zebra waterhole background
Burchell's Zebra - at a waterhole - in the background
dec2014/1/steenbok female evening
Steenbok - female in the evening
dec2014/1/springbok frightened female
Springbok - frightened up female
dec2014/1/common waterbuck male with horns females
Common Waterbuck - male (with horns) and two females
dec2014/1/td 1565 south africa dune dune grass sunset
TD-1565 South Africa - Dune with dune grass at sunset
dec2014/1/spike heeled lark
Spike-heeled Lark
dec2014/1/marabou stork hunting waterhole
Marabou Stork - hunting at a waterhole which is
dec2014/1/armed park wardens patrol park bicycle
Armed Park Wardens - patrol the park on bicycle
dec2014/1/springbok spending hot midday shade
Springbok - spending the hot midday in the shade
dec2014/1/lilac breasted roller
Lilac-breasted Roller
dec2014/1/black rhinoceros hook lipped rhinoceros bull
Black Rhinoceros / Hook-lipped Rhinoceros - bull
dec2014/1/square lipped rhinoceros grazing
Square-lipped Rhinoceros - grazing
dec2014/1/pringueys adder sidewinding adder moves
Pringuey's Adder / Sidewinding Adder - moves
dec2014/1/square lipped rhinoceros
Square-lipped Rhinoceros
dec2014/1/black rhinoceros hook lipped rhinoceros female
Black Rhinoceros / Hook-lipped Rhinoceros - female
dec2014/1/tree agama camouflaged female tree trunk
Tree Agama - well camouflaged female at a tree trunk
dec2014/1/nile crocodile just appearing water
Nile Crocodile - just appearing above water
dec2014/1/nile monitor
Nile Monitor
dec2014/1/tsamma source food water kinds
Tsamma - source of food and water for all kinds
dec2014/1/rock monitor white throated monitor hunting
Rock Monitor / White-throated Monitor - hunting in a tree
dec2014/1/ficus sp growing rock wall
Ficus sp growing at a rock wall
dec2014/1/quiver tree rainy season yellow
Quiver Tree - during the rainy season with yellow
dec2014/1/red necked falcon
Red-necked Falcon
dec2014/1/welwitschia plant ancient origins namib endemic
Welwitschia - plant of ancient origins and Namib-endemic
dec2014/1/succulent plant southern pre namib blossom
Succulent plant of the southern pre-Namib - in blossom
dec2014/1/quiver tree hollowed branches
Quiver Tree - formerly the hollowed out branches
dec2014/1/white pelican morning resting tree
White Pelican - in the morning on their resting-tree
dec2014/1/damara euphorbia ringwood tree maerua
Damara Euphorbia & Ringwood Tree ( Maerua schinzii)
dec2014/1/south west edelweiss succulent plant endemic
South-West Edelweiss - succulent plant endemic
dec2014/1/namibia namib desert inside restricted
Namibia - in the Namib Desert inside the restricted
dec2014/1/namibia chalets exclusive wolwedans dunes lodge
Namibia - the chalets of the exclusive Wolwedans dunes lodge
dec2014/1/namibia so called organ pipes basaltic
Namibia - the so-called 'organ pipes' are basaltic
dec2014/1/balloon safari namibia exclusive sossusvlei
Balloon Safari, Namibia - The exclusive Sossusvlei
dec2014/1/namibia rainy season green vegetation
Namibia - Rainy Season with green vegetation
dec2014/1/quad biker quad bike excursions dunes
Quad Biker - quad bike excursions into the dunes
dec2014/1/namibia kolmanskop abandoned ghost town
Namibia - Kolmanskop the abandoned ghost town of
dec2014/1/namibia traffic sign namib desert ist
Namibia - traffic sign in the Namib Desert ist
dec2014/1/namibia rails shifting dune barchan dune
Namibia - rails and shifting dune (barchan dune)
dec2014/1/namibia dry season fence separating farmland
Namibia - Dry Season - fence separating farmland
dec2014/1/namibia rails namib desert east
Namibia - the rails in the Namib Desert east of
dec2014/1/namibia gravel road c 14 solitaire
Namibia - the gravel road C 14 between Solitaire
dec2014/1/namibia gravel road typical landscape
Namibia - gravel road in the typical landscape
dec2014/1/namibia sandy track edge southern
Namibia - sandy track at the edge of the southern
dec2014/1/termite hill etosha national park
Termite Hill in the Etosha National Park - its
dec2014/1/green belt dry kuiseb riverbed in
The green belt of the dry Kuiseb riverbed (in the
dec2014/1/fishermen sunset atlantic ocean
Fishermen - sunset over the Atlantic Ocean at the
dec2014/1/namibia giraffe human footprints twyfelfontein
Namibia - giraffe and human footprints at the Twyfelfontein
dec2014/1/aerial view sand dunes namib desert
Aerial view of sand dunes in the Namib Desert
dec2014/1/namibia thunderstorm lightning town
Namibia - thunderstorm and lightning over the town
dec2014/1/tracks gemsbok sand namib desert
Tracks of a Gemsbok in the sand of the Namib Desert
dec2014/1/landscape bushman grass stipagrostis sp
Landscape with Bushman grass (Stipagrostis sp.)
dec2014/1/structural forms bushman grass stipagrostis
Structural forms and Bushman grass (Stipagrostis
dec2014/1/namibia 55 m high bogenfels rock arch inside
Namibia - the 55 m high Bogenfels rock arch inside
dec2014/1/namibia bushman grass stipagrostis sp
Namibia - Bushman grass (Stipagrostis sp.)
dec2014/1/namibia basaltic rocks bushman grass stipagrostis
Namibia - basaltic rocks and Bushman grass (Stipagrostis sp)
dec2014/1/namibia sandstone rock formations twyfelfontein
Namibia - sandstone rock formations at Twyfelfontein
dec2014/1/namibia hailstones road kalahari
Namibia - hailstones on a road in the Kalahari
dec2014/1/namibia kunene river border river namibia
Namibia - Kunene River (border river between Namibia
dec2014/1/namibia so called petrified dunes they
Namibia - so-called 'petrified dunes' (they are
dec2014/1/namibia bulls party elephants head
Namibia - 'Bull's Party' and 'Elephant's Head'
dec2014/1/namibia vingerklip rock finger damaraland
Namibia - the Vingerklip (Rock Finger) in the Damaraland
dec2014/1/lion 2 cubs resting shade tree
Lion - 2 cubs resting in the shade of a tree
dec2014/1/namibia basaltic rocks damaraland north
Namibia - basaltic rocks in the Damaraland north
dec2014/1/sesriem canyon edge namib desert
The Sesriem canyon at the edge of the Namib Desert
dec2014/1/himba man smoking pipe head scarf indicates
Himba man smoking a pipe - the head scarf indicates
dec2014/1/lion resting male termite hill
Lion - resting male on a termite-hill in the last
dec2014/1/greater kudu female evening
Greater Kudu - female in the evening
dec2014/1/himba man playing stringed instrument head
Himba man playing a stringed instrument - the head
dec2014/1/namibia kung bushman intu afrika kalahari
Namibia - Kung Bushman at the Intu Afrika Kalahari
dec2014/1/lion 2 females evening
Lion - 2 females in the evening
dec2014/1/impala males sillhouetted dusk
Impala - two males sillhouetted at dusk
dec2014/1/lion pride females subadults drinking
Lion - a pride of females and subadults drinking
dec2014/1/leopard female camelthorn tree acacia erioloba
Leopard - female on a camelthorn tree (Acacia erioloba)
dec2014/1/masai giraffe sillhouetted sunset
Masai Giraffe - sillhouetted at sunset


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