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dec2014/1/southern giraffe females young male
Southern Giraffe - two females and one young male
dec2014/1/impala male sillhouetted sunset
Impala - male sillhouetted at sunset
dec2014/1/southern giraffe larger bull sucks bone
Southern Giraffe - the larger bull sucks a bone
dec2014/1/hippopotamus yawning evening
Hippopotamus - yawning in the evening
dec2014/1/hippopotamus bull waterhole
Hippopotamus - bull in a former waterhole which
dec2014/1/masai giraffe curiously observing photographer
Masai Giraffe - curiously observing the photographer
dec2014/1/gemsbok silhouette dusk
Gemsbok - silhouette at dusk
dec2014/1/southern giraffe bull edge dry etosha pan
Southern Giraffe - bull at the edge of the dry Etosha Pan
dec2014/1/cape gannet colony bird island lamberts
Cape Gannet - colony at the Bird Island of Lambert's
dec2014/1/gemsbok running gravel plain namib desert
Gemsbok - running on a gravel plain in the Namib Desert
dec2014/1/cape fox morning tired night activities
Cape Fox - in the morning tired from the night activities
dec2014/1/african elephant breeding herd waterhole
African Elephant - breeding herd at a waterhole
dec2014/1/african elephant bull tourist vehicles
African Elephant - bull and tourist vehicles at
dec2014/1/african elephant female calves crossing
African Elephant - female with two calves crossing
dec2014/1/african elephant fighting bulls whitish
African Elephant - fighting bulls - their whitish
dec2014/1/african elephant bull moving water
African Elephant - bull moving towards the water
dec2014/1/african elephant bull playing waterhole
African Elephant - bull playing at a waterhole
dec2014/1/african elephant bull drinking waterhole
African Elephant - bull drinking at a waterhole
dec2014/1/cape buffalo cow feeding
Cape Buffalo - cow feeding
dec2014/1/cheetah resting male
Cheetah - resting male
dec2014/1/bateleur pair perching tree sunset
Bateleur - pair perching on a tree at sunset
dec2014/1/chacma baboon evening dry shingwedzi
Chacma Baboon - in the evening in the dry Shingwedzi
dec2014/1/cape buffalo bull evening light
Cape Buffalo - bull in the evening light - with
dec2014/1/carmine bee eater
Carmine Bee-Eater
dec2014/1/aardwolf kalahari desert
Aardwolf - Kalahari Desert
dec2014/1/aardwolf resting
Aardwolf - resting
dec2014/1/cape buffalo bull scratching head log
Cape Buffalo - bull has been scratching his head at the log
dec2014/1/anti war slogans rear car seen
Anti-war slogans - on rear of a car as it was seen
dec2014/1/fissured ridges aerial view
Fissured Ridges - Aerial view
dec2014/1/oak creek cathedral rock
Oak Creek and Cathedral Rock which is the most
dec2014/1/aardwolf checks ground termites its
Aardwolf - checks the ground for termites (its
dec2014/1/multy storey adobe complex pueblo indians
Multy-storey Adobe Complex of the Pueblo Indians
dec2014/1/newspaper vending machines
Newspaper Vending Machines
dec2014/1/dried up riverbeds arid desert country
Dried-up riverbeds arid desert country
dec2014/1/rocky mountains foothills aerial view
Rocky Mountains foothills - Aerial view
dec2014/1/cloud covered rocky mountains foothills
Cloud-covered Rocky Mountains foothills
dec2014/1/segmented land aerial view
Segmented land - Aerial view
dec2014/1/colorado river aerial view
Colorado River - Aerial view
dec2014/1/manley beacon eroded badlands zabriskie
Manley Beacon and the eroded badlands around Zabriskie
dec2014/1/eroded badlands zabriskie point death valley
Eroded badlands around Zabriskie Point in the Death Valley
dec2014/1/usa view grand canyon yavapai point
USA - View of the Grand Canyon from Yavapai Point
dec2014/1/layers salt shallow pool death valley
Layers of salt at a shallow pool in the Death Valley
dec2014/1/monument valley long straight road us 163
Monument Valley - long straight road (US 163) leading
dec2014/1/couple rock spur south rim high
Couple on a rock spur at the South Rim high above
dec2014/1/lookout platform javapai point south rim
Lookout Platform - Javapai Point at the South Rim
dec2014/1/logs petrified wood long logs trail
Logs of Petrified Wood - Long Logs Trail at the
dec2014/1/logs petrified wood breaking segments
Logs of Petrified Wood - when breaking into segments
dec2014/1/logs petrified wood crystal forest
Logs of Petrified Wood at the Crystal Forest
dec2014/1/crystals embedded logs petrified wood
Crystals embedded in the logs of Petrified Wood
dec2014/1/usa tepees on left cone shaped
USA - The Tepees (on the left) are cone-shaped
dec2014/1/badland hills bluish bentonite clay blue mesa
Badland hills of bluish bentonite clay at Blue Mesa
dec2014/1/lichen peninsula formentor
Lichen - Peninsula de Formentor
dec2014/1/rusty iron door fornalutx
Rusty iron door - Fornalutx
dec2014/1/cherry tree wild cherry sweet cherry
Cherry Tree / Wild Cherry / Sweet Cherry - in full
dec2014/1/spain cap formentor in background
Spain - The Cap de Formentor (in the background
dec2014/1/gate graffiti palma
Gate with graffiti - Palma
dec2014/1/rusty iron door
Rusty iron door
dec2014/1/sunlight shines stained glass
Sunlight that shines through the stained-glass
dec2014/1/rocks mountain stream
Rocks in mountain stream
dec2014/1/rock pigeon rock dove perching window facade
Rock Pigeon / Rock Dove - perching at a window facade
dec2014/1/reflections mountain stream
Reflections in mountain stream
dec2014/1/spain nazarenos penitents semana santa
Spain - Nazarenos (= penitents) at the Semana Santa
dec2014/1/spain masses plastic greenhouses edge
Spain - Masses of plastic greenhouses at the edge
dec2014/1/contemporary architecture nature hotel rodalquilar
Contemporary architecture in the Nature Hotel Rodalquilar
dec2014/1/chapmans zebra female young just rises
Chapman's Zebra - female & young which just rises
dec2014/1/fireworks night marbella
Fireworks at night - Marbella
dec2014/1/fireworks night
Fireworks at night
dec2014/1/morocco street artist medina original
Morocco - Street artist in the Medina (= the original
dec2014/1/morocco highly elaborated stuccoworks
Morocco - Highly elaborated stuccoworks in the
dec2014/1/morocco architectural main building
Morocco - Architectural detail of the main building
dec2014/1/morocco architectural lovely subtropical
Morocco - Architectural detail in the lovely subtropical
dec2014/1/morocco lovely subtropical garden
Morocco - Detail in the lovely subtropical garden
dec2014/1/morocco market stall selling dried fruit
Morocco - Market stall selling dried fruit
dec2014/1/morocco lovely subtropical garden jardin
Morocco - The lovely subtropical garden Jardin
dec2014/1/morocco water vendors famous djemaa
Morocco - The water vendors of the famous Djemaa
dec2014/1/morocco highly artistic tile works central
Morocco - Highly artistic tile works in the central
dec2014/1/morocco columned arcades central courtyard
Morocco - Columned arcades in the central courtyard
dec2014/1/morocco highly elaborated stuccowork ben
Morocco - Highly elaborated stuccowork in the Ben
dec2014/1/morocco man having nap vicinity
Morocco - Man having a nap in the vicinity of the
dec2014/1/morocco hammam turkish style steam bath
Morocco - Hammam (Turkish-style steam bath) in
dec2014/1/morocco market stalls selling dried fruit nuts
Morocco - Market stalls selling dried fruit, nuts
dec2014/1/morocco musicians marrakeshs famous square
Morocco - Musicians at Marrakesh's famous square
dec2014/1/morocco carpet shops souks marrakesh
Morocco - Carpet shops in the souks of Marrakesh
dec2014/1/morocco displayed shoes shop souks
Morocco - Displayed shoes in a shop in the souks of
dec2014/1/morocco woman selling cookies marrakeshs
Morocco - Woman selling cookies at Marrakesh's
dec2014/1/morocco city wall essaouira lies
Morocco - The city wall of Essaouira, which lies
dec2014/1/morocco greengrocery medina original
Morocco - Greengrocery in the Medina (= the original
dec2014/1/morocco door medina original arab
Morocco - Door in the Medina (= the original Arab
dec2014/1/morocco painters shop medina
Morocco - A painter's shop in the Medina (= the
dec2014/1/morocco old man handcart woollens
Morocco - Old man and his handcart with woollens
dec2014/1/morocco seagulls resting city wall essaouira
Morocco - seagulls resting on the city wall of Essaouira
dec2014/1/morocco rue la skala skala
Morocco - The Rue de la Skala below the Skala de
dec2014/1/morocco woman medina original arab
Morocco - Woman in the Medina (= the original Arab
dec2014/1/morocco skala la ville great sea
Morocco - The Skala de la Ville, the great sea
dec2014/1/morocco view port entrance
Morocco - View from the port entrance with its
dec2014/1/morocco harvested dates graded according
Morocco - Harvested dates are graded according
dec2014/1/morocco view eighteenth century town
Morocco - View of the eighteenth-century town of
dec2014/1/morocco stalk dates date harvest
Morocco - A stalk with dates during the date harvest


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