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dec2014/6/statue gaia sculptor david wynne
dec2014/6/dog flatcoated retriever
dec2014/6/common froghopper
dec2014/6/nudibranch eggs
dec2014/6/church timber framed dovecote reflected
dec2014/6/tractor carrying bales hay loading
dec2014/6/thatched roof round white washed cottages
dec2014/6/roadside flower display
dec2014/6/guinea pig dwarf rabbit
dec2014/6/redhead goby browncheek blenny
dec2014/6/boats caledonian canal
dec2014/6/icicles wall harbour
dec2014/6/heather bloom cannock chase
dec2014/6/domestic ducks ford
dec2014/6/broadway tower sunset
dec2014/6/medieval manor house
dec2014/6/church st bartholomew
dec2014/6/trees frosty morning
dec2014/6/nudibranches mating
dec2014/6/17th century windmill
dec2014/6/fruit fly larva
dec2014/6/white lipped snail
dec2014/6/road covered snow
dec2014/6/ruins st michaels chapel
dec2014/6/normanton church museum
dec2014/6/stone wall thrift sea pink
dec2014/6/cape buffalo bull
dec2014/6/european beavers
dec2014/6/ringlet butterflies
dec2014/6/yellow mount etna broom
dec2014/6/great bee
dec2014/6/slug eggs
dec2014/6/long tailed macaque
dec2014/6/sheep feeding field
dec2014/6/cottage flowers
dec2014/6/buttercups meadow
dec2014/6/cromer pier
dec2014/6/sheep grazing field church
dec2014/6/dog border collie
dec2014/6/newly hatched spiderling egg cases
dec2014/6/white faced darter male resting heather
dec2014/6/bearded tit bearded reedling
dec2014/6/village church snow
dec2014/6/great crested grebe
dec2014/6/gatehouse lanhydrock country house gardens
dec2014/6/church graveyard winter snow
dec2014/6/water wheel
dec2014/6/199 steps leading whitby harbour
dec2014/6/suspension bridge
dec2014/6/bridge river thames
dec2014/6/cheesewring large stones
dec2014/6/early morning light reflections
dec2014/6/lanhydrock country house gardens
dec2014/6/green shield bug
dec2014/6/thurne windmill
dec2014/6/domestic house spider
dec2014/6/sheep snow covered field
dec2014/6/manor house ruins
dec2014/6/dog black labrador wearing devil hat broom
dec2014/6/brittele star
dec2014/6/snow covered houses river
dec2014/6/snail shadow
dec2014/6/pike blenny
dec2014/6/dwarf rabbit guinea pig
dec2014/6/dwarf rabbits
dec2014/6/stained glass window
dec2014/6/boat reflections
dec2014/6/combine harvester harvesting wheat field
dec2014/6/snow covered tree field
dec2014/6/trethevy quoit
dec2014/6/european bee eater
dec2014/6/snowy boardwalk
dec2014/6/eagle owl
dec2014/6/combine harvester emptying grain trailer
dec2014/6/snow covered houses
dec2014/6/aspen trees leaves falling autumn fall
dec2014/6/aspen spruce forests
dec2014/6/arctic skua dark form
dec2014/6/douglas fir cones foliage
dec2014/6/tractor pulling straw baling machine field
dec2014/6/bluebell woodland
dec2014/6/stones originally erected 4500 years ago
dec2014/6/aspen trees
dec2014/6/african lion
dec2014/6/european beaver
dec2014/6/slug eggs
dec2014/6/apsen trees autumn fall colours douglas firs
dec2014/6/frozen pond
dec2014/6/quaking aspens autumn colour canyon maple
dec2014/6/european robin
dec2014/6/giant sandreed
dec2014/6/checkerboard mesa


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