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dec2014/6/scarce blue tailed damselfly
Scarce Blue Tailed Damselfly
dec2014/6/red squirrel
Red Squirrel
dec2014/6/logan rock
Logan Rock
dec2014/6/greater stitchwort flower
Greater Stitchwort - in flower
dec2014/6/duke burgundy fritillary butterfly
Duke of Burgundy Fritillary Butterfly
dec2014/6/bluebell flower
Bluebell - in flower
dec2014/6/black arches moth
Black Arches Moth
dec2014/6/blue tailed damselfly
Blue Tailed Damselfly
dec2014/6/beadlet anemone
Beadlet Anemone
dec2014/6/barn owl
Barn Owl
dec2014/6/arctic terns
Arctic Terns
dec2014/6/chicken peking bantam
CHICKEN - Peking bantam
dec2014/6/cat british longhaired cat
CAT - British longhaired cat
dec2014/6/dog chocolate labrdor puppy
DOG - Chocolate labrdor puppy
dec2014/6/cat british longhaired cats
CAT - British longhaired cats
dec2014/6/dog chocolate labrador puppies
DOG - Chocolate labrador puppies
dec2014/6/dog chocolate labrador puppy
DOG - Chocolate labrador puppy
dec2014/6/dog chocolate labrador
DOG - Chocolate labrador
dec2014/6/dog pyrenean sheepdog
DOG - Pyrenean sheepdog
dec2014/6/dog parson jack russell terrier
DOG - Parson jack russell terrier
dec2014/6/cat grey tabby cat
CAT - Grey tabby cat
dec2014/6/troodos black pine
Troodos Black Pine
dec2014/6/herring gull
Herring Gull
dec2014/6/white tailed sea eagle
White-tailed Sea Eagle
dec2014/6/sheep winter stall lambs
Sheep in winter stall with lambs
dec2014/6/sheep winter stall lamb
Sheep in winter stall with lamb
dec2014/6/rough legged buzzard
Rough-legged Buzzard
dec2014/6/reflections sea sunset
Reflections on the Sea - at sunset
dec2014/6/red kite
Red Kite
dec2014/6/moss carpet
Moss Carpet
dec2014/6/tundra landscape autumn colour
Tundra Landscape - in autumn colour
dec2014/6/oceanic blue shark approaching camera
Oceanic Blue Shark - approaching camera
dec2014/6/grey common partridge
Grey / Common Partridge
dec2014/6/european lynx
European Lynx
dec2014/6/long eared owl
Long-eared Owl
dec2014/6/lamb winter stall
Lamb in winter stall
dec2014/6/black lamb winter stall
Black Lamb in winter stall
dec2014/6/lambs winter stall
Lambs in winter stall
dec2014/6/european jay
European Jay
dec2014/6/artists fungus
Artist's Fungus
dec2014/6/grey heron
Grey Heron
dec2014/6/red kite adult flight diving showing underside
Red Kite - adult in flight diving showing underside
dec2014/6/great grey owl
Great Grey Owl
dec2014/6/great egret
Great Egret
dec2014/6/elk moose calf
Elk / Moose Calf
dec2014/6/common eider
Common Eider
dec2014/6/chalk cliffs aphrodites rock
Chalk Cliffs - beside Aphrodite's Rock
dec2014/6/alpine bearberry autumn colour
Alpine Bearberry - in autumn colour
dec2014/6/crown anemone
Crown Anemone
dec2014/6/sunset mediterranean sea
Sunset over the Mediterranean Sea
dec2014/6/pebbled beach aphrodites rock
Pebbled Beach - at Aphrodites Rock
dec2014/6/aphrodites rock south coast
Aphrodites Rock - on the South coast
dec2014/6/oak trees autumn fog
Oak Trees and Autumn Fog
dec2014/6/domestic cat tom cat
Domestic Cat - Tom cat
dec2014/6/european red fox
European Red Fox
dec2014/6/sulphur polypore chicken woods fungus
Sulphur Polypore / Chicken of the Woods Fungus
dec2014/6/moss covered frost log
Moss - covered with frost on log
dec2014/6/golden plover
Golden Plover
dec2014/6/autumn colour early october snowfall
Autumn colour and early October Snowfall
dec2014/6/house martin
House Martin
dec2014/6/hill stream showing late summer vegetation
Hill Stream - showing late summer vegetation
dec2014/6/norway maple leaves autumn colour
Norway Maple Leaves - in autumn colour
dec2014/6/european rabbit
European Rabbit
dec2014/6/reflections hill stream
Reflections in Hill Stream
dec2014/6/aspen spruce forests autumn
Aspen and Spruce forests in autumn
dec2014/6/italy view sella massif near village
Italy - view towards Sella massif near the village
dec2014/6/sour cherry hanging tree
Sour Cherry - hanging on tree
dec2014/6/st magdalena church picturesque view famous
St. Magdalena Church - picturesque view of famous
dec2014/6/flower garden different kinds tulips
Flower Garden - with different kinds of Tulips
dec2014/6/river weser lowland river
River Weser - lowland river
dec2014/6/common mussel razor shells ensis siliqua
Common Mussel and Razor Shells (Ensis siliqua)
dec2014/6/common cockle razor shells ensis siliqua
Common Cockle and Razor Shells (Ensis siliqua)
dec2014/6/water rivulets sand beach low tide
Water Rivulets - in the sand on beach at low tide
dec2014/6/texel sheep
Texel Sheep
dec2014/6/tidal creek die slufter nature reserve
Tidal creek of Die Slufter Nature Reserve
dec2014/6/beach path leading away coast
Beach Path - leading away from coast
dec2014/6/marram grass
Marram Grass
dec2014/6/beach huts
Beach Huts
dec2014/6/trawler fishing boat sea
Trawler - fishing boat at sea
dec2014/6/sunset north sea
Sunset - over North Sea
dec2014/6/twilight north sea
Twilight over The North Sea
dec2014/6/thunder cloud forming twilight
Thunder Cloud - forming at twilight
dec2014/6/common waterbuck
Common Waterbuck


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