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Otter Gallery

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TOM-1919 Alaskan / Northern Sea Otter - mother carrying very young pup
TOM-1645 Sea Otter - mother carrying young (under three weeks) pup
TOM-1751 Northern River Otter - mother and pups
Sea Otter - sleeping
TOM-1912 Alaskan / Northern Sea Otter - resting on water
SEA OTTER - eating on its back, using stone to break Abalone
Sea Otter - grooming
Asian / Oriental Small-Clawed OTTER - x three
River Otter - trotting across frozen pond, winter
TOM-1648 Sea Otters - mother with young pup with natal pelage
Sea Otter - Showing teeth
Sea Otter - resting in kelp bed
OTTER - x two in snow
European Otter
Otter, Road sign warning of otter crossing causeway
Green ANACONDA & Giant Otter (Pteronura brasiliensis)
Sea Otter - mother & pup
TOM-1745 Northern River Otter - mother eating a rainbow trout while her young pups try to snatch a bite
Sea Otter - grooming in water
FG-EC-537 Sea Otter - floating at the surface resting
Sea Otter - pup learning to use its legs, feet and flippers / coordination
OTTERS - x two babies in basket
Otter, Kodiak Island, Alaska
river otter-sitting upright on a trunk
Otter - Shaking - Devon - UK
Otter - Swimming - Devon - UK
Otter - Devon - UK
European Otter alert, just out of the water
Giant Otter, swimming, Pantanal Wetlands, Mato Grosso
Giant Otter, Pantanal Wetlands, Mato Grosso, Brazil
European River Otter adult at frozen river
Giant River Otter feeding on fish
Otter adult male walking along river
Otter - walking on ice
River OTTER - walking across ice
KEL-1151 Sea Otter Skeleton - male
Giant Otter eating a fish Pantanal area Mato Grosso
European Otter - diving down to seabed
Southern Sea Otter - Sleeping
TOM-1937 Alaskan / Northern Sea Otter - in water with raised paw
TOM-1918 Alaskan / Northern Sea Otter - mother and pup
TOM-1739 Northern River Otter - mother with two pups in water
Sea OTTER - Using rock to crack clam
Sea Otter - Using tool - rock to open clam
European OTTER - standing on hind legs
Giant Otter Pantanal area Mato Grosso Brazil South America
Road Sign
Road Sign
Illustration Asian Short-Clawed Otter

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