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whales dolphins/beluga whale
Beluga Whale
baby animals/orangutan mother baby
Orangutan - mother with baby
orangutan mother young
Orangutan - mother with young
giant panda mother young cub
Giant Panda - Mother and Young Cub
dec2014/5/grey wolf timber wolf feeding elk carcass
Grey Wolf / Timber Wolf - feeding on Elk carcass
dec2014/5/grey wolf timber wolf pack snowy hillside
Grey Wolf / Timber Wolf - pack on snowy hillside - Winter
grey wolves playing dominance behavior
Two Grey Wolves playing - dominance behavior
baby animals/young lowland gorilla
Young Lowland Gorilla
black bear salmon summer
Black bear - with salmon, in summer
canadian lynx cub
Canadian Lynx - cub
mink young kits den log
Mink - young kits in den log
canadian lynx kitten
Canadian Lynx - kitten
orca killer whale
Orca / Killer Whale
green sea turtle feeding algae shoreline rocks
Green Sea turtle - feeding on algae along shoreline rocks
green sea turtle young resting underwater
Green Sea Turtle - Young, resting underwater
grey wolves snow near glacier national park
Two Grey Wolves - in snow near Glacier National Park
polar bear sow year old cubs
Polar bear - sow with two year old cubs
rocky mountain bighorn sheep ewe ram
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep - Ewe & Ram
wild grey wolf fireweed blossoms summer
Wild Grey Wolf - among fireweed blossoms, Summer
black tail deer buck
Black-tail Deer - buck
black tailed deer buck standing avalanche lilies
Black-tailed Deer - buck standing among avalanche lilies. June
black tailed deer buck stands subalpine wildflowers
Black-tailed Deer - buck stands among subalpine wildflowers. June
northern stellers sealions arguing space
Northern / Steller's Sealions - arguing over space on a haul-out rock
stellers northern sealions
Steller's / Northern Sealions
beaver mother young inside lodge
Beaver - mother with young, inside lodge
beaver hauling limb winter food cache
Beaver - hauling limb back to winter food cache
black bear sow nursing young cubs
Black Bear sow nursing young cubs
hartmann mountain zebra foal colt
Hartmann Mountain Zebra - foal / colt
house finch male redbud tree spring
House Finch - male in redbud tree, spring
white tail deer buck grazing wildflowers
White-tail Deer - buck grazing among wildflowers
white tailed deer buck spring
White-tailed Deer - buck in spring
raccoon young cubs waiting mother hunts edge
Raccoon - young cubs waiting for mother as she hunts along edge of pond
raccoon adult young spring
Raccoon - adult with young, Spring
cliff chipmunk eating seeds
Cliff Chipmunk - eating seeds
yellow pine chipmunks pair
Yellow-pine Chipmunks - pair
yellow pine chipmunk eating haircap moss sporophytes
Yellow-pine Chipmunk - eating haircap moss sporophytes in subalpine meadow (near timberline)
yellow pine chipmunks sexual behaviour
Yellow-pine Chipmunks - sexual behaviour
dragonflies cardinal meadowhawk sympetrum illotum
Dragonflies - Cardinal Meadowhawk (Sympetrum illotum) male and Common Whitetail (Libellula
loving animals/young adolescent wild horse checks years colt
Young adolescent wild horse checks out this years colt in meadow of wildflowers
butterflies insects/western sheep moth lupine wildflower subalpine
Western Sheep Moth - on lupine wildflower in subalpine meadow, summer
coyote young wild pups playing near den streamside
Coyote - young wild pups playing near their den in a streamside bank
humpback whale breaching
Humpback whale - breaching
green sea turtle feeding algae underwater
Green Sea Turtle - feeding on algae underwater
green sea turtle feeding algae underwater
Green Sea Turtle - feeding on algae underwater
ruby throated hummingbird
Ruby-throated Hummingbird
western scrub jay autumn leaves
Western scrub-jay - among autumn leaves
raccoon mother young
Raccoon - mother with young
yellow pine chipmunk
Yellow-pine Chipmunk
yellow pine chipmunk
Yellow-pine Chipmunk
loving animals/orangutan mother young
Orangutan - mother with young
whales dolphins/beluga whale
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