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Images Dated 2000 July

7 Jul 2000
21 Jul 2000
22 Jul 2000

Cat - Chartreux kitten with German Shephern / Alsatian puppy
LA-5980 Dog - Tibetan Spaniel
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7 Jul 2000
Collection of 25 prints
9 Jul 2000
9 Jul 2000
10 Jul 2000
10 Jul 2000
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21 Jul 2000
Collection of 8 prints
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22 Jul 2000
Collection of 32 prints
LA-5988 Dog - Shetland Sheepdog puppies
LA-5987 Dog - Shetland Sheepdog puppies with odd eyes
LA-5986 Dog - three Shetland Sheepdog puppies
LA-5173 Cat - two Birman kittens
Cat - grey Chartreux kitten in studio under blanket
Shetland Pony - adult & foal grazing in field with
LA-5177 Cat - two Birman kittens
Dog - Shetland Sheepdog puppy being carried by owner
Pets - trophies & prizes from dog & cat competitions
Professional Dog Walker - with group of dogs on leads
Young Girl - sitting in deckchair with dog and Shetland Pony
Shetland Pony - young girl face to face with foal
Professional Dog Walker - with nine dogs
Dog - Boston Terrier in dog carrier / basket
Cat - grey Chartreux kitten in garden with person
LA-8181 Cat - Chartreux kitten in grass
LA-6605 Cat - with ice pack on head - Get Well
LA-8182 Cat - Chartreux kitten in grass
LA-5989 Dog - Shetland Sheepdog puppies
LA-5970 Dog - Shetland sheepdog
LA-5984 Dog - long-haired chihuahua
LA-5979 Dog - Tibetan Spaniel
LA-5975 Dog - Shetland sheepdog
LA-5974 Dog - Shetland sheepdog
LA-5991 Dog - Shetland Sheepdog puppy & ginger kitten in garden
LA-5972 Dog - Shetland sheepdog
LA-5981 Dog - Tibetan Spaniel
LA-5983 Dog - long-haired chihuahua
LA-5934 Cat - Persian Chinchilla kitten sitting on bird table
LA-5971 Dog - Shetland sheepdog
LA-5176 Cat - Birman kitten
LA-5175 Cat - two Birman kittens
LA-5174 Cat - two Birman kittens
Shetland Pony - two foals kissing
Shetland Pony - adult with foal in field
Shetland Pony - foal
Shetland Pony - adult with foal
Shetland Pony - foal in field
Cat - two Chartreux kittens in watering can
Shetland Pony - foal in meadow of flowers
Cat - two grey Chartreux kittens in studio

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