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14 Dec 2004

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cat russian blue
Cat - Russian Blue
american white shepherd white german shepherd
American White Shepherd / White German Shepherd / Alsatian - puppy
pugs/dog pug
Dog - Pug
dog pomeranian smallest member german spitz
Dog - Pomeranian. smallest member of the German Spitz Group
dog german shepherd alsatian puppies
Dog - German Shepherd / Alsatian puppies
pugs/dog pug know carlin mops
Dog - Pug. Also know as Carlin or Mops
dog jack russel terrier puppies
DOG - Jack Russel Terrier, three puppies
dog lhasa apso
Dog - Lhasa Apso
dog bearded collie puppies
Dog - Bearded Collie - Three puppies
dog jack russell terrier puppies basket
Dog - Jack Russell Terrier - four puppies in basket
puppies/dog german shepherd alsatian puppy
Dog - German Shepherd / Alsatian puppy
puppies/dog papillon sitting
Dog - Papillon, sitting
baby animals/yorkshire terrier dogs puppy standing
Yorkshire Terrier Dogs - puppy standing
dog cocker spaniel puppy
Dog - Cocker Spaniel puppy
chartreux cat feeding bowl dry food
Chartreux Cat - feeding from bowl with dry food
dog continental toy spaniel papillon
Dog - Continental Toy Spaniel: Papillon
long coat smooth coat chihuahua dogs puppies
Long-coat and smooth-coat Chihuahua dogs - two puppies
dog golden retreiver puppies
Dog - Golden Retreiver puppies
golden retreiver dog puppies wearing christmas
Golden Retreiver Dog - puppies wearing Christmas hats
cat birman twitching tail
Cat - Birman, twitching tail
funny/dog basset hound puppy
Dog - Basset Hound puppy
dog papillon lying
Dog - Papillon, lying down
rhodesian ridgeback
Rhodesian Ridgeback
dog pug
Dog - Pug
dec2014/2/cow lying middle road
Cow - Lying in the middle of the road
dec2014/2/cows middle road
Cows - In the middle of the road
dec2014/2/cows foraging rubbish area
Cows - Foraging at a rubbish area
dec2014/2/camel camel hauling concrete slabs cart
Camel - This camel was hauling concrete slabs on a cart
cat tabby kitten profile
CAT - Tabby Kitten, side profile
cat european shorthair brown tabby jumping
Cat - European Shorthair Brown Tabby - jumping in mid-air
jc 87 quillwort
JC-87 Quillwort
dad 1739 snakes head fritillary chequered lily
DAD-1739 Snake's head Fritillary / Chequered Lily / Guinea / Hen Flower
dad 1730 crassula perfoliata var minor february
DAD-1730 Crassula Perfoliata var. Minor - February
dad 1735 white trailing pincushion february
DAD-1735 White-trailing Pincushion - February
dad 1737 yellow pitcher plant trumpets cv
DAD-1737 Yellow Pitcher Plant / Trumpets - CV Maxima
dad 1733 snakes head fritillary chequered lily
DAD-1733 Snake's head Fritillary / Chequered Lily / Guinea / Hen Flower
dad 1734 cider gum leaves december
DAD-1734 Cider Gum leaves - December
dad 1731 erica vestita february
DAD-1731 Erica Vestita - February
get 607 wood horsetail
european cream shorthair cat sitting
European cream shorthair cat - sitting
monkey cup pitcher plant
Monkey Cup / Pitcher Plant
grey cuscus
Grey Cuscus
black rat sudarshan hotel jaisalmer
Black RAT- at the back of Sudarshan Hotel, Jaisalmer
chartreux cat feeding bowl
Chartreux Cat - at feeding bowl
chartreux cat eating bowl
Chartreux Cat - eating from bowl
little king bird paradise branch showing tail
LITTLE KING BIRD OF PARADISE - on branch, showing tail
white eared bulbul perch
White-eared Bulbul - On perch
rock pigeons rock dove flock flight
Rock Pigeons / Rock Dove - Flock in flight
rosa moderne louksor jun
Rosa Moderne Louksor - Jun
crown imperial lutea
Crown Imperial - "Lutea"
japanese coral bark maple sango kaku
Japanese / Coral Bark Maple - "Sango Kaku"
ermans birch catkins april
Erman's Birch Catkins - April
christmas/cat tabby kiten mistletoe
CAT - Tabby Kiten under Mistletoe
flowers/californian poppy annual may
Californian Poppy - annual - May
rhodesian ridgeback fighting playing showing
Rhodesian Ridgeback - two fighting / playing with one showing submissive behaviour
rhodesian ridgeback young
Rhodesian Ridgeback - young
rhodesian ridgeback sitting
Rhodesian Ridgeback - sitting
rhodesian ridgeback sitting view
Rhodesian Ridgeback - sitting, back view
rhodesian ridgeback standing ears cocked
Rhodesian Ridgeback - standing, ears cocked
rhodesian ridgeback
Rhodesian Ridgeback
dog pomeranian smallest member german spitz
Dog - Pomeranian. smallest member of the German Spitz Group
cat flattened ears
Cat - with flattened ears
cat snarling angry
Cat - snarling / angry
cat tabby kitten crouched car wheel
Cat - Tabby kitten crouched on car wheel
dog pomeranian dwarf german spitz
Dog - Pomeranian / dwarf German Spitz
cat rex cornish red white bicolour
Cat - Rex cornish - red & white bicolour
dog ibizan hound podenco ibicenco
Dog - Ibizan Hound / Podenco Ibicenco
cat persian chocolate point close up face
Cat - Persian Chocolate Point - close-up of face
dog basset hound
Dog - Basset hound
dog barbet known griffon darret poil laineux
Dog - Barbet. Also known as Griffon d'Arret a Poil Laineux
cat long haired view sitting looking backwards
Cat - long-haired, side view, sitting looking backwards
siberian arctic husky dog howling
Siberian / Arctic Husky Dog - howling
dog shar pei
Dog - Shar pei
dog lhasa apso lying view
Dog - Lhasa Apso, lying, side view
cat european shorthair brown tabby yawning
Cat - European Shorthair Brown Tabby, yawning
dog rottweiler puppies
Dog - Rottweiler puppies
dog golden retriever puppies
Dog - Golden Retriever puppies
dog cocker spaniel puppy sitting view
Dog - Cocker Spaniel puppy. Sitting, side view
shih tzu dog
SHIH-TZU Dog - two
cream european shorthair cat
Cream European Shorthair Cat
european red tabby cat short haired
European Red Tabby Cat, short-haired
cat birman standing view
Cat - Birman, standing side view
cat european close eyes
Cat - European, close up of eyes
cat tabby kitten pot
Cat - tabby kitten in pot
cat tabby kitten
CAT - Tabby Kitten
cat tabby kitten teddy bear
CAT - Tabby Kitten with teddy bear
cat european shorthair brown tabby
Cat - European Shorthair Brown Tabby
jack russell terrier dogs puppies basket
Jack Russell Terrier Dogs - Three puppies in basket
yorkshire terrier dog puppies basket
Yorkshire Terrier Dog - Puppies in basket
baby animals/dog pomeranian
Dog - Pomeranian
cat tabby kitten wicker pot
Cat - Tabby kitten in wicker pot
kittens/cat tabby kitten sitting
Cat - Tabby kitten sitting
yorkshire terrier dogs puppies basket
Yorkshire Terrier Dogs - three puppies in basket
dog jack russell terrier puppies basket
DOG - Jack Russell Terrier, two puppies in basket
african elephant young standing adult
African Elephant - young standing by adult
cat tabby kitten sitting wearing christmas hat
Cat - Tabby kitten sitting down wearing Christmas hat
cat european shorthair brown tabby jumping
Cat - European Shorthair Brown Tabby - jumping in mid-air
cat european shorthair brown tabby jumping
Cat - European Shorthair Brown Tabby - jumping in mid-air
clarks nutcracker
Clark's Nutcracker


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