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Images Dated 5th April 2005

Au-15-Ms Leafy Sea Dragon / Seahorse
Sheep - Ewe - pink heart shaped wool
Green Tree Boa
Sheep - Ewe - pink heart shaped wool with young blue hea
Cute ducking in spring flowers wearing an Easter bonnet hat
Heart shaped Sheep wearing a red Christmas Santa hat and scarf
Fish and Diver - 11 year old Timothy McDowell diving
Yei Bi Chei and Totem Pole (on the right) rock
sandstone buttes and pinnacles of rock in the Monument
Rock formation in the Monument Valley
West Mitten, East Mitten and Merrick Butte
TD-1821 West Mitten Butte
TD-1818 The shadow of West Mitten Butte crawls up East Mitten Butte
Indian / Bengal Tiger - testing the Marsh Crocodile injured by her the previous day
Indian / Asian Elephants - two touching heads
Indian / Asian Elephants - Sparring
Indian / Asian ELEPHANT - play fighting
Red-tailed Boa Constrictor - Eating
Argentina Rainbow Boa - Young just after birth
Boa Constrictor - with newborn young
Bulldog Ant - Probably a queen, hunting on ground for insects. Workers are aggressive and sting in self-defence
Sumatran Tiger - Endangered
Indian / Bengal Tiger - Claw-marking tree to establish territory
Indian / Bengal Tiger - with two cubs
Indian / Bengal Tiger - spray marking
Indian / Bengal Tiger - with cub suckling
Sumatran Rhinoceros
Australian Pelican flock on beach
Australian Pelican preening on beach
Australian Pelican resting on beach
Australian Pelican with fish in pouch
Australian Pelican
Australian Pelican - Common on large and small bodies of water, including temporary desert pools

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