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Images Dated 28th April 2006

JZ-1983 Horseshoe Crab
Man - fishing, in boat with fish traps in Bangweuleu Marsh
WW-3031 Brine Shrimp - upwelling
JZ-1982 Horseshoe Crab - surrounded by its eggs
JZ-1984 Horseshoe Crab - eggs
WAT-13051 Water gentian / water snowflake
WAT-13056 Waterlily
WAT-13052 Waterlily - with frog resting in flower
COS-1343 Naturalised Rhododendron Scrub
WAT-13510 Bangweuleu marshes Zambia Africa
Horseshoe Crab - on back, often found on beach after tide recedes
Barn Owl - Hunting
Oak Woodland and Moss Covered Boulders
View from Bagga Tor
Great Staple Tor and Roos Tor
Rock Strewn Moorland in West Dart Valley with Wistmans Wood in background
East Dart River
Moorland Stream
River Tavy
River Tavy
South Common Plantation (Roundwood) from Bagga Tor
Gateway on footpath to Wistmans Wood NR
Jackdaw - on cows back with beak full of cowhair to use as nest material
Clarks Nutcracker
Blue Grouse - Male
American Avocet
American Avocet - In flight
Ringed Plover
Ringed Plover
Purple Honeycreeper - Male
Herring Gull - about to dive for food
Greylag Goose - in flight
Smew - drake displaying to female
Smew - drake displaying
Northern GANNET - in flight over Sea
Teal - in flight
Smew - in flight
Red-Crested Pochard - Taking off
Ferruginous Duck - In Flight
Puffin - in flight
Smew - diving for food
Tufted Duck on Yellow Water
Coot - fighting
Blackbird - Female on nest with nestlings
Blackbird - Female on nest with nestlings
Bananaquit on nectar feeder
Imperial Shag - Taking off across water
Golden Bowerbird - at Bower
Nazca / Masked Booby - in flight
Nazca / Masked Booby - landing on volcanic breeding grounds
Nazca / Masked Booby
Great Frigatebird - chasing Swallowtail Gull (Larus furcatus)
Ibis - Flying to Roost at Sunset

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