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Images Dated 23rd May 2006

Bog rosemary - in flower
Iceland - crack in Earths crust at point where Tectonic plates join. mid-atlantic ridge
Bearberry - in flower
Arctic lichen
Arctic lichen
Green Veined White Butterfly
KEL-1500 Ammonite Fossil - Triassic period 248-213 m.y.a
chickweed-wintergreen / Arctic starflower
Marsh violet or bog violet - amongst bog moss (Sphagnum)
Scots Pine flowers
Snowdrop windflower / Anemone
KEL-1342 Bird-hipped DINOSAUR, Late Triassic Period, 205 m.y.a
DH-3807 King George Falls
SR-6845A CANADA - eroded rock - Flower Pot Rock, at low tide. Eroded by worlds highest bay of Fundy tides
JZ-419 Common Horsetail
Red / Argentinian Shoveler - swimming on lake
Guard dog - Spain - A hole in a wooden door of a farmhouse in the Alpujarras region is used by the housedogs as a
Red-Breasted Goose - feeding on field
Ruddy Duck - drake, close-up study of head and bill
Masked Duck - drake courtship displaying on lake
Masked Duck - pair swimming on lake
Greylag Geese, Feral / Urban / Town / Rock Pigeons / Rock Dove, Mallard - being fed in park
Least Flycatcher
Golden-winged Warbler
American Redstart male in first spring plumage pursuing insects amongst seaweed along shoreline
Eider Duck - female beside duckling in down nest with eggs
Red-Crested Pochard - drake swimming on lake
Red-Crested Pochard - 4 drakes feeding on lake
Red-Crested Pochard - close - up study of drakes head
Marbled Teal - pair swimming on lake
Black-necked Swan - parent bird transporting 2 cygnets on its back
Black-necked Swan - parents with cygnets on lake
Chilean Flamingo - detailed study of neck and head
Chiloe Wigeon - drake swimming on lake
Coscorba Swan - swimming on lake
Bahama Pintail - flapping its wings on lake
Bahama Pintail - swimming on lake
African Comb Duck - swimming on pond
African Comb Duck - detailed study of head
Giant / Great Horsetail - in flower
Sweet Orange - Cultivation in the fertile Guadalhorce river valley; together with yellow-flowered annuals; in February

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