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Images Dated 9th November 2006

SG-20128 Swamp / Bald CYPRESS Tree - Autumn colours
Coastal village
Weeping White Mulberry Tree
Solomon Islands children in canoe
Spider (Argiope sp.)
Vt-3689 Giant Starfish
Sgi-6504 Dandelion
SG-20130 Tulip Tree - Leaves just turning to Autumn colours
Main road in west Utah across the desert
MAR-408 Creek - with tree roots
Kel-587 Sunflower Star
Tiger Beetle (Cicindelidae)
Common Faun Butterfly (Faunis canens)
White Dragontail Butterfly (Lamproptera curius)
MAR-418 Different butterflies sucking on ground - Pieridae, Papilionidae, Lycaenidae
Lycaenid butterfly (Lycaenidae)
MAR-407 Huay Mae Kamin waterfall
Common Wanderer Butterfly (Pareronia anais)
MAR-406 Huay Mae Kamin waterfall
AW-6577 Aerial veiw England - Milton Keynes, housing and gardens
AUS-1547 Pygmy / Bargibants seahorse
Wart-bitter bush cricket - female
Switzerland - alpine flowers (Delphinium Elatum, Red Campion, Wolfsbane)
SWITZERLAND, the Bernina Pass - with Trailing Azalea and Primulas
SWITZERLAND - Bernina Pass, mass of flowers including alpine clover
Peringueys Adder - in unusual pose with head raised
Namaqua Chameleon - Striding over rippled dune sand
Namaqua Chameleon in its white phase striding over dune sand
Stag Beetle - male
Switzerland - Lac de Fenetre & mountains
Valley Pocket Gopher - punching dirt from burrow
Bottas Pocket GOPHER- close-up of face
High desert in Utah, near Eureka. Invaded by tamarisk
Adonis BLUE BUTTERFLY - Female resting in dull weather

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