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Images Dated 18th April 2007

Oak Tree - On upland pasture
Portunid Crab with extended claw by hole
Berrys Bobtail Squid on sand
Camargue Horse - running in field
Cow - sleeping in the meadow on her backside
Sheep - On hillside pasture
Camargue Horses - stallions fighting
Palomino Camargue Boumian Horses - at central drinking trough
Wooded Valley in Spring
Upland Pasture and Woodland
Ivy - Climbing Poplar trunk
Elder Tree - Growing through roof of stone barn
WAT-15195 Little Egret
WAT-15150 Grey Heron
WAT-15149 Grey Heron - with Night Heron & Cattle Egret
WAT-15147 Grey Heron
WAT-15144 Grey Heron
WAT-15139 Cattle Egret
WAT-15138 Cattle Egret
WAT-15107 Grey Heron
Oak Tree - On upland pasture
Mountain and Seascape
Drygalski Fjord
Red-Necked Phalarope - male hunting for insects
Red-Necked Phalarope - female searching for insects on rocks
Iberian Hare - young animal
White-tailed Deer - buck among prairie wildflowers, summer
White-tailed Deer - buck walking through marsh grass in early autumn
Southern Elephant Seal - young males fighting in blizzard
Southern Elephant Seal - Male
European BADGER - two heads in set
British Otter - on kelp covered shore
Whooper Swan - taking off across loch
Sanderling - on beach in breeding plumage
Skylark - dustbathing
Wheatear - singing from drystone walls
Meadow Pipit - singing from post
Lapwing - calling
Golden Plover - calling in flight over moorland
Golden Plover - calling
Golden Plover - chick
Northern GANNET - in flight in front of cliffs
Northern GANNET - hanging on wind in front of cliffs
Fulmar - on nest amongst thrift
Fulmar - on nest amongst sea campion
Fulmar - taking off from water

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