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Images Dated 1st December 2007

Goats - two with heads stuck though net fence
Greater Spotted Dogfish - teeth and jaws, teeth continuously replaced from behind
German Shepherd / Alsatian Dog - Young lying on grass
Dog - Old Boxer dog with cut ears
German Shepherd / Alsatian Dog on the beach, playing in the waves
German Shepherd / Alsatian Dog - young dog lying on grass
Golden / Syrian HAMSTER - running in hamster wheel
Chicken - 4 legged chicken running through grass
Border Collie brown running in garden looking backwards
German Shepherd Dog - young, sitting on the grass
Diamond-back Rattlesnake
DOG - Rottweiler puppy, sitting upright on grass
Border Collie DOG - x2 sitting on grass
HEDGEHOG - Rolled up in a ball
Common Vampire Bat - close-up of head when feeding, tongue extended
Horse - à flea bitten greyà colouring, standing with head through open window
White Goat
White Goat
Rough Collie Dog - lying on grass
Dog - Maltese / Bichon Maltiase - side view, with ball
Photographers entering hide - overlooking Straw-coloured
Photographers in hide - overlooking Straw-coloured
Mature Bald Eagle sitting in tree on cold winter day
JR-1059 Marsh Crocodile basking under the sun
JR-1068 Ranthambhor National Park, India
Royal Bengal Tiger yawning
Pensive Royal Bengal Tiger
Royal Bengal Tiger after spray-marking the tree
Royal Bengal Tiger moving in the grassland
Royal Bengal Tiger sitting outside grassland
Alert Royal Bengal Tiger
Royal Bengal Tiger in the grassland
Portrait of Royal Bengal Tiger
Royal Bengal Tigers play-fighting
Royal Bengal Tiger hunting
Royal Bengal Tiger on look out for a kill
Purple Moorhen
Tree Nymph BUTTERFLY - Japans largest butterfly
Sicilian Buttercup Chicken
Domestic Aylesbury DUCKS - in barn
Bull / Zambezi / Zambesi / Ground / Cub Shark
Bamboo Shark
Bamboo Shark
John Dory Fish
GUINEA PIG - face on, in hutch
Pacific White sided Dolphin
Mongolian Wild / Przewalskis Horse in winter coat
European Wild Cat KITTENS - cheek to cheek
Chicken - Hatching
Lemon Shark
Lemon Shark

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