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Images Dated 21st June 2007

RV-1836 Mauritius - Bottle Palms
PM-10223 Black Ghost-knife fish, electric fish found in shallow fast flowing waters in South America
Bottlenose Dolphin - playing / bow riding in front of cargo ship in the strait of Gibraltar
Jack Russell Dog - playing in garden with man and ball
Jack Russell Dog - running with man
Old fashioned zoo cage
Cast Net Fisherman fishing in drainage canal
Arctic Tern - in flight calling
Arctic Tern - in flight calling - June
Grey Squirrel
Grey Squirrel
Jlm-3360 Pea Crab
FEU-588 Jay perched on tree stump
Grey Squirrel Sitting on small raised flower pot
Namaqua Chameleon - eating insect
CHAMELEON - on branch
Sperm Whale - diving
Rajah Brookes Birdwing Butterflies
Black Howler Monkey
MEXICAN AXOLOTL - Albino, Sexually mature but remains in larval form
Rhesus Macaque MONKEY- in tree, open mouth
Ring-Tailed Lemurs - in Tree
Hippopotamus - With mouth open
Cuviers gazelle - female with Infant suckling. Also known as: Atlas gazelle and mountain gazelle
Senegal Dama Gazelle - also known as Addra gazelle, Ariel, Nanger and Ril. Male
Hooded Crane - wintering bird
Hooded Crane - & White-naped Crane (Grus vipio) wintering birds
Song Thrush - Singing from telegraph pole
Mexican Free-tail BATS- in flight
White-eyed Gulls
Moorean viviparious Tree Snail
STELLERs EIDER DUCK - male on water
Marbled Teal Duck
Indian Long-billed Vulture - on nest with chick
Rabbit - close-up of ears
Short-tailed ALBATROSS - standing in field
White-breasted Cormorant swallowing recently caught tilapia fish
Reed / Long-tailed Cormorant - landing on water
Hamerkop in flight
African Spoonbill
African Darter / Darter / Snakebird - swallowing recently caught tilapia fish; body characteristically submerged
Nordmanns Greenshank

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