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Images Dated 7th June 2007

African Elephant - Bull, portrait
Lowland Tapir - calf standing alert
Swans and cygnets eating weeds in lake
Red Kangaroo - Joey
Sumatra Tiger - snarling
Indian male
Indian male
DAD-1949 Mudflats and Saltmarsh - Newtown Harbour Nature Reserve. Isle of Wight
Beadlet Anemone - in rock pool with opened tentacles reaching for food
Common limpets, dogwhelk and acorn barnacles on a rock at low tide
Beadlet Anemone - with half opened tentacles together with common limpet (patella vulgata), snails
Acorn barnacles - on a rock at low tide
Common limpets and acorn barnacles (Semibalanus balanoides) - on a rock at low tide
WAT-5368 Ylang Ylang
Ppg-1300 Norway Spruce - C / U and Snow
PM-5947 Sausage Tree
DB-1878 Sassafras - fruit
DAD-1951 Newtown River estuary, Isle of Wight - This estuary of mudflats and saltmarshes is part of Newtown Harbour
DAD-1952 Newtown River estuary - Isle of Wight
VG-711 Banded demoiselle
VG-705 Banded demoiselle
FEU-587 Jay perched on tree stump
Extensive mature flowering hedge - on edge of dandelion filled meadow
Blackthorn - hedge, flowering in April
Banded Demoiselle Damselfly - male resting on grass
Hawthorn Blossom - flowering in open hedge landscape
Red-Backed Shrike - male with bumble-bee in beak
Black-tailed Prairie Dog - 3 animals in a row
Extensive mature hedge landscape - in autumn colour
Lowland Gorilla - portrait
Common Marmoset - sittting on stem
Common Marmoset - portrait
European Bee-eater - with dragonfly in beak
African Elephant - Bull, showing threatening behaviour
Beinn Eighe massif - view from south east
Morning fog over Loch Torridon - and Torridon mountains in spring with blooming rhododendron along the coastline
Sunset at beach - near Elgol with boulders in foreground and jagged Cuillin mountains in background
SWEDEN - Standing Stones (Prehistoric Graves ) Bronze Age
DOG - Corgi drinking from bowl
DOG - Border Collie drinking water from a bowl
DOG - Border Collie licking itself, grooming
DOG - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel licking itself, grooming
DOG - Corgi on its comfort blanket
Burchells / Common Zebra - Portrait
Wild Pig - young animal stretching itself, in snow
Sumatra Tiger - male and female playing
Sable Antelope - young buck
White Rhinoceros / Square-lipped rhino
Black-tailed Prairie Dog - 2 baby animals playing

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