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Images Dated 20th March 2007

Wild Rabbit - standing on back legs, alert
20 Mar 2007
20 Mar 2007
Queen Annes County, MD. A field of sunflowers
Eurasian Lynx - sitting in snow, yawning
Chick - a few days old, standing in front of painted eggs
Cokes Hartebeest
Topi - young calf
CAN-3162 River and snow-capped hills
Rajbagh palace
Germany - River Weser and surrounding forestry covered hills, early autumn
Hill Stream - with tributary, in spring, Bramwald forest nature park
Wolf - animal resting and yawning
Wild Pig - piglets in forest glade
Wild Pig - two piglets on forest track
Wild Pig - sow and piglet, from behind
Wild Pig - sow taking mud bath
Wild Pig - piglets playing in forest glade
Wild Boar - side view, in forest
Roe Deer - buck looking alert
Red Squirrel - on alert
Raccoon - standing on back legs in water, begging
Raccoon - sitting, resting in tree
Wild Rabbit - sticking tongue out
European Otter - standing on back legs
Wood Mouse - feeding on woodland floor
Wood Mouse - at edge of garden pond
American Mink - climbing around in tree
Eurasian Lynx - young animal sitting on log
Eurasian Lynx - standing on tree stem
Eurasian Lynx - sitting in snow
Ibex - male resting on mountain scree
Harvest Mouse - female transporting baby animal away from nest
Wood bison - bull
European OTTER - holding & eating fish
Robin - portrait, in garden
Robin - in garden
Robin - singing from fir tree in garden
Red Oak - leaves in autumn colour
Mature Oak Trees - in autumn colour
Oak Tree - in winter, with woodpecker nesting hole
Dead Oak Tree - Sababurg forest, Reinhards forest
Ancient Oak Tree - in winter, four hundred years old

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