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Images Dated 10th May 2007

JD-18970-M DOG - Lhasa Apso - 12 week old puppy with Christmas hat
Female Black Bear watching from behind tree
Windmill Island park with tulips in bloom
Female Black Bear with three Cubs, two black and
Peringueys Adder - Being lifted by snake handler
DOG - Lhasa Apso - singing - yawning
Edible Frog - calling (Rana esculenta)
Yellow-bellied Toad - close-up of underside
Edible Frog - amplexus - calling (Rana esculenta)
PPG-1685 Mediterranean Snakelocks Anemone
PPG-1674 Eastern White Pine
PPG-1675 Common Lilac
PPG-1677 Black Locust / False Acacia Tree - flowering
PPG-1673 Common Dandelion Flower
Namaqua Chameleon - Baby waiting for prey
Sidewinding Tracks - Made by the Peringueys Adder
Peringueys Adder - Burying itself in the sand leaving a distincts pattern
Pitcher Plant - from above
Young Western Whip Snake
White-lined Tree Frog
Corsica - Sagones gulf with sailboats
Ladybird - feeding on Aphids
Fork-leaved Sundew - with trapped Green Lacewing
Red Tail Moth - head of a caterpillar spike with its prickly hair
Winter sunset
Winter sunset
Field of wheat, ripening
Misty sunrise, over Hickling Broad
Blackbird - Male, back-lit singing from fencepost
Adult Male Ruppells Warbler
White-necked Heron - non-beeding plumage
Brolga preening
Sheep - flock on lakeside pasture
Wren - Singing
DOG - Lhasa Apso - 12 week old puppy asleep, wearing Christmas hat
DOG - Lhasa Apso & Shih Tzu puppies in a dustbin

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