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Images Dated 17th December 2008

White-eyed Moray Eel
Collared Peccaries / Javelinas - Family group in the desert of south-west Arizona
KEL-134 Rainbow Trout / Steelhead
Ostrich portrait wearing a hoodie, open mouth Digital
Rock-boring Urchin on night dive
Porcelain Crab fanning for food on night dive
Mabul Thecacera Nudibranch
Hidden Corallimorph Shrimp pair on Corallimorph
Golden-breasted Starling / Royal Starling
Common Ostrich female portrait
Grey Seal - Bull scratching nose
Grey Seal - female
Grey Seal - female lying on beach
Golden Hedgehog Cactus
Giant Cactus or Saguaro with chollas
Fishhook Barrel Cactus in fruit
Giant Cactus or Saguaro
Blue Palo Verde bush
JC-673 Sponge Spicules - microscopic, x4 magnification
VT-8165 Vase Sponge
Russell Falls - stunning waterfall amidst lush temperate rainforest
Gilled fungus - grows on a moss-covered tree in temperate rainforest
Creek in temperate rainforest
KA-335 Sabellid Tube Worms - filter feeders
Tasmanian Pademelon
Tasmanian Pademelon - action shot of an adult in the process of jumping kangaroo style
Tasmanian Pademelon - young one sitting on a moss-covered tree stump
Tasmanian Pademelon - female adult and weaned young in rainforest
Tasmanian Pademelon - adult standing on its hind legs in lush temperate rainforest
Russell Falls - detail of the falling water veil in temperate rainforest
Horseshoe Falls - beautiful horseshoe-shaped waterfall cascades down a moss-covered cliff
Green Rosella - adult sits on a tree feeding on its blooms
Waxwing Waxwing (Bohemian) - Eating hawthorn berry and showing the tongue
White-winged dove
Pyrrhuloxia - male, on ground
Male Desert Bighorn Sheep - Lying down
Black-tailed Prairie Dog - With grass in mouth - from the great plains
African Elephant - Covered in red Tsavo dust - With food in mouth
Black-headed Buffalo Weavers - On tree stump
Black-tailed Prairie Dog - from the great plains

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