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Images Dated 15th October 2008

15 Oct 2008
15 Oct 2008
River Otter - trotting across frozen pond, winter
Grey Wolf / Timber Wolf - Pup sitting down
American Opossum - on tree branch
American bison - cow and calf
Grey wolf - male walking in snow - note broadness of head
Grey wolf - resting during heavy snow
Beaver - working on beaver dam, late autumn
Arctic Wolf / Arctic Gray Wolf - running in winter snow
Grizzly bear - With mouth open in threatening pose
Grizzly Bear threatening with mouth open
Grey wolf - snarling
Grey Wolf - and pup
Williams Dwarf Gecko / Electric Blue Gecko
Arctic Wolf / Arctic Gray Wolf - running in snow
USH-1360 Ox-Eye DAISY - Detailed study of flower
USH-1424 Common DAISY - three flowers
Woolly Thistle flower and seeds; autumn
CMB-787 OXEYE DAISY - Margerite, many flowers in view, grass in background
KAT-516 Fitsimons Burrowing Skink - Tip of the tail after shedding it
KAT-512 Shovel Snouted Lizard - Close up of a rear foot - perfect for running over soft sand and burying into soft sand
KAT-446 Namaqua Chameleon - With tongue fully extended
KAT-442 Namaqua Chameleon - With tongue fully extended
GET-921 Unst - Shetland Islands - Keen of Hammar National Nature Reserve
Collard Dove - pair sitting on TV aerial
TOM-1683 Wild Grey Wolves - autumn
Sumatran Orangutan - a young one is sitting on top of a cage which holds an adult one captive
Sumatran Orangutan - portrait of female
Sumatran Orangutan - young female
Sumatran Orangutan - adult hanging in the trees of a sumatran rainforest
Coal Tit Coal Tit - Portrait of bird in hawthorn bush
Sumatran Orangutan - portrait of an adult lying comfortably on a tree branch in a sumatran rainforest
Black Bears - fishing for salmon along West Coast salmon stream
Black-tailed Prairie Dog barking
Mule Deer - buck during autmun rut, checking scent
Beaver - nursing young kit
American Beaver - family inside lodge
Black-tailed jackrabbit - blood vessels in ears help keep jackrabbit cool, method of dissipating heat
Coastal Grizzly Bears wrestling - dominance behavior among big males at salmon fishing areas
Gizzly Bear portrait - Rocky mountains
Kermode Black Bear / Spirit Bear shaking off water while fishing for salmon
Cinnamon phase Black Bear - feeding on dandelion plant
Grizzly bear mother and cubs on road
Giant Panda - resting against evergreen tree in bamboo forest of central China
Kermode Black Bear - along coastal British Columbia salmon stream
Black Bear (in cinnamon color phase) equiped with ear tags and radio collar for research purposes

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