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Images Dated 30th October 2008

LA-8180 Chicken - chick in studio sitting in boiled egg with shell on head
Chinstrap Penguin - jumping off blue iceberg
Tree ferns - magnificent tree ferns grow along the wet surroundings of Leura Cascades
JPF-13008 Stormy sea caused by katabatic wind (blowing from land)
Leura cascades
Govetts Leap - high waterfall and red cliffs
The Three Sisters - famous sandstone formations
Grose Valley - view from Govetts Leap Lookout towards the vast expanse of the forest-clad wilderness of Grose Valley
JD-15640 Giant Prickly Stick Insect
Macaroni Penguins - returning from feeding trip
Rockhopper Penguins - surfing into shore
CHINSTRAP PENGUINS - jumping off blue ice
Chinstrap Penguins - On iceberg
JPF-8768 GENTOO PENGUIN - adult and young
Rockhopper penguins - surfing in to shore
Dingo - pups
Dingo - pups
Dingo - pups in den, viewed from entrance
Dingo - three-weeks-old pups in den
Dingo - pups in den, Southern New South Wales
Dingo - pups at mouth of den
Dingo - three day old pups in den
Dingo (Canis lupus dingo) female & pups in den
Dingo - female & pups in den
Dingo - Male teaching 3 month old pup laws of hierarchy
Red kangaroo - fighting
Dingo - chasing Lace monitor
Dingo - chasing Lace monitor (Varanus varius)
Dingo - chasing kangaroo
Dingo - pair running in open grassland
Dingo - running
Dingo - male with pup
Dingo - silhouette of pair against setting sun
Dingo - pre-dawn
Dingo - silhouette
Dingo - Group at dawn

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