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Images Dated 27th August 2009

Pug DOG - wearing collar with bells
DOG - Rhodesian Ridgeback
Costa Rica - Arenal Volcano, steam forming on peak, where hot rock lava strikes cool air
Cat - Lilac Point Siamese
Dog - Italian Greyhound
MANX CAT - Blue Cymric
Lowland Gorilla - male silverback, eating
West Highland White Terrier DOGS - two sitting on tartan rug, one with tongue out
Maine Coon CAT - Black Smoke Maine Coon sitting
DOG - Hungarian Vizsla Puppy - sitting, portrait. 10 Weeks
British Shorthair Cat - Side View
PS-5000 African Rock Python - showing teeth
Snails - Hibernating in garden pot
Peruvian / Humboldt PENGUINS - three
Silver Spotted Skipper
CAT - British Angora - Chocolat
Jack Russell DOG - jumping hurdle
CAT - ASIAN CARAMEL TABBY - with tail raised
Cat - Burmese Blue
CATS - British Angora, Fawn and Chocolate
Broad-Necked Darkling Beetle
Rabbit hiding under straw with ears flat against back
Black CAT - sitting on moss log
CAT - Somali - Chocolate Silver, Kitten
CAT - Persian Tortoiseshell Cameo, Mother and kitten
Cat - Tiffanie - Blue Shaded Silver
CATS - Angora - Fawn and Chocolate
Flat-coated Retriever DOG
Standard Poodle DOG - unclipped
CAT - ORIENTAL BLACK - side view
CAT - Balinese Chocolate Point - Semi Long-hair
CAT - kittens eating
CAT - Abyssinian, fat cat
CAT - Asian-Red Self
CAT - Somali-Chocolate
Flat-coated Retriever DOG - standing
CAT - Ocicat - Black Spotted Silver
SKYLARK - in grass
CAT - Somali - Fawn Silver
Cat - Ocicat (Domestic) in Tree
FIJI - Sigatoka valley gardens
CAT - Tonkinese Blue Tabby
CAT - Persian Tortoiseshell Cameo kitten
Marabou STORK - with wings outstretched

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