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Images Dated 24th February 2009

USH-3739 Tawny Owl - nesting in chimney
Cocker Spaniel Dogs - adult & puppies sitting in a row
Newfoundland Dogs
JD-19507 Dog - Afghan Hound
English Springer Spaniel Dog - feet up on tree stump, in heather
Gharial / Gavial
Double-crested Cormorant - in flight above sea
Gray Whale - tail
Coconut Palm
Coconut Palm
USH-3738 Ragged Robin - flowering in water meadow
USH-3670 Barberry - Berberis - autumn colour with frost on leaves
USH-3734 Yellow Bird s-nest - parasitic flowering plant
USH-3665 Pseudoscorpion / Book Scorpion - on book page
Opossum - CT in March
USH-3737 Puss Moth - Caterpillar / Larvae
USH-3736 Camberwell Beauty Butterfly - feeding on rotten apple
USH-3695 Mantis Fly / Mantis Lacewing - on leaf
USH-3694 Common Hamster - In grass
USH-3693 Common Hamster - black variation
USH-3692 Common Hamster - black variation
USH-3691 Common Hamster - black variation
USH-3683 Jay and Great Spotted Woodpecker (Dendrocopos major) on tree stem
USH-3682 Jay - searching for acorns in snow
USH-3681 Jay - with acorn in beak
USH-3671 Jewel Beetle - female on flower
USH-3662 European Brown Bear - yawning
USH-3657 Fat / Edible Dormouse - in bird nesting box
USH-3656 Fat / Edible Dormouse - 2 young animals asleep in nest
USH-3654 Fiery Clearwing - resting on tree bark
USH-3651 Currant Clearwing - resting on stone
JD-17778 DOG - Jack Russell Terrier, running
JD-17483E Jack Russell Terrier Dog - puppy asleep
JD-15922 Welsh Corgi Dog - (Pembroke) puppy on deckchair
Cocker Spaniel Dogs - puppies
Basset Hound Dog Sits, Head Up
Maltese Terrier Dog
Dog & Cat - in front of fire at Christmas
Border Collie Dog - puppies with wheel & rope, play fighting
English Setter Dog

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