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dec2014/4/eurasian teal male water
dec2014/6/bonellis eagle adult male flight
dec2014/4/pastures reed beds pools
dec2014/4/eurasian teal male water
muntjac deer buck
dec2014/5/siskin fighting teasel
dec2014/5/red fox woodland
copper cu ingot 20 lbs
latest images december 2016/dogs tooth violet morning light
dec2014/5/mallard male flapping wings
dec2014/5/mallard male cleaning feathers
dec2014/4/early spring primroses flowering march
dec2014/5/blackside hawkfish sitting acrapora coral
dec2014/5/short eared owl perched fence post march
dec2014/5/barn owl flight hunting march
dec2014/5/winter starlit sky
dec2014/5/dipper pair perched rocks stream breeding
dec2014/5/scuba diver swims reef wall female
dec2014/5/common bottlenose dolphin air bubble rings
dec2014/4/dog welsh springer spaniel running
dec2014/5/river tyne millennium bridge night
dec2014/4/dog yellow labrador sitting daffodils
dec2014/5/rat feet seen
dec2014/5/brown hares boxing early morning mist march
dec2014/5/cherry tree detailed study bark stem
dec2014/6/mesquite flat sand dunes scattered young honey
new images january/giant rainforest bush cricket leaf
dec2014/6/multi coloured sedimentary rock panamint
dec2014/6/track created mysterious moving rocks
dec2014/4/mature beech tree woodland
latest images/wild tulips ploughed field olive groves
dec2014/6/cloudfall sunset
dec2014/5/common bottlenose dolphin air bubble rings
dec2014/4/dog welsh springer spaniel running
new images january/sally lightfoot galapagos crab lava rock
latest images december 2016/western green lizard rock
latest images december 2016/kentish glory male
latest images december 2016/orb weaver spider dry thistle early morning
latest images december 2016/wild daffodil natural environment
latest images december 2016/dogs tooth violet morning light
honey bee worker gathering pollen pussy willow
canada goose
rippled reflections
tree reflections
black headed gulls
copper cu ingot 20 lbs
quartz scepter sio2
native copper cu
native copper nugget cu recovered lake michigan
copper ingot
zinc zn ingot
tin sn ingot
lead pb ingot
galena pbs
chalcopyrite cufes2
andradite garnet
dec2014/4/dog dalmatian liver sitting daffodils
dec2014/5/wood ant threat position larch
dec2014/4/dog dalmatian liver playing stuffed toy
dec2014/4/dog bearded collie x wind blown fur
dec2014/4/dog dalmatian liver standing garden
dec2014/4/dog dalmatian liver standing daffodils
dec2014/5/rat feet seen
dec2014/5/common bottlenose dolphin playing leaf
dec2014/5/common bottlenose dolphin air bubble ring
dec2014/5/common bottlenose dolphin air bubbles
dec2014/1/photographers waiting photograph dolphins
dec2014/6/normanton church museum
dec2014/6/great bee
dec2014/4/illustration elasmosaurus platyurus emerging
dec2014/4/orange filamentous alga old gravestone culbone
dec2014/4/shingle bank porlock bay spreading inland
dec2014/4/culbone church st beunos culbone smallest
dec2014/4/coppiced sessile oaks
dec2014/4/saltmarsh porlock bay somerset developing
dec2014/4/ancient lane hedgebank porlock
dec2014/4/hair moss male plants archegonia
dec2014/4/early spring primroses flowering march
dec2014/4/crustose corticolous lichen branch
dec2014/4/ancient sessile oak pollards
dec2014/4/bearded tit reedling reed bed
dec2014/4/red breaster merganser adult male preening
dec2014/4/white stork nest late winter
dec2014/4/mallard male calling
dec2014/4/brent brant geese flock grazing
dec2014/4/bearded tit reedling male reed bed
dec2014/4/shetland sheep norfolk naturalists trust
dec2014/4/reed beds cley marshes
dec2014/4/black headed gull calling late winter early
dec2014/4/pastures reed beds pools
dec2014/4/ancient beech pollards
dec2014/4/brent brant geese overwintering
dec2014/4/ancient beech pollards great monk wood
dec2014/4/ancient beech pollards misty winter morning
dec2014/4/dog cavalier king charles spaniel sitting
dec2014/4/dog cavalier king charles spaniel looking


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