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dec2014/6/sightings board
Sightings Board
dec2014/6/distinctive patterns carpet moss
Distinctive patterns in carpet of moss
dec2014/6/greater blue eared starling
Greater Blue-eared Starling
dec2014/6/tree squirrel
Tree Squirrel
dec2014/6/reflections setting sun
Reflections of the setting sun
dec2014/6/tree agama
Tree Agama
dec2014/6/nile crocodile olifants river photographed
Nile Crocodile - in the Olifants River - photographed
dec2014/6/mopane leaves
Mopane Leaves
dec2014/6/mopane tree
Mopane Tree
dec2014/6/transvaal candelabra euphorbia
Transvaal Candelabra Euphorbia
dec2014/6/lebombo euphorbia
Lebombo Euphorbia
dec2014/6/impala lily
Impala Lily
dec2014/6/rainbow shield bug
Rainbow Shield Bug
dec2014/6/giant kingfisher
Giant Kingfisher
dec2014/6/greater kudu
Greater Kudu
dec2014/6/spotted hyaena
Spotted Hyaena
dec2014/6/red billed oxpecker
Red-billed Oxpecker
dec2014/6/southern giraffe
Southern Giraffe
dec2014/6/swainsons spurfowl swainsons francolin
Swainson's Spurfowl / Swainson's Francolin
dec2014/6/proboscis monkey
Proboscis Monkey
dec2014/6/plantain squirrel
Plantain Squirrel
dec2014/6/bearded pig
Bearded Pig
dec2014/6/african warthog
African Warthog
dec2014/6/southern sea otter researcher tim tinker tagging
Southern sea otter researcher Tim Tinker tagging
dec2014/6/southern sea otter researcher tim tinker examining
Southern sea otter researcher Tim Tinker examining
dec2014/6/research assistant handling blood samples captured
Research assistant handling blood samples of captured
dec2014/6/southern sea otter
Southern sea otter
dec2014/6/brown throated three toed sloth
Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth
dec2014/6/borneo pygmy elephant mother calf
Borneo Pygmy Elephant - Mother and calf
dec2014/6/hoffmanns two toed sloth
Hoffmann's Two-toed Sloth
dec2014/6/malayan civet
Malayan Civet
dec2014/6/long tailed macaque sub adult
Long-tailed macaque - Sub-adult
dec2014/6/long tailed macaque juvenile
Long-tailed macaque - Juvenile
dec2014/6/maroon langur
Maroon Langur
dec2014/6/long tailed macaque adult male
Long-tailed macaque - Adult male
dec2014/6/long tailed macaque mother feeding juvenile
Long-tailed macaque - Mother feeding with juvenile
dec2014/6/cheetah large male feeding kudu
Cheetah - Large male feeding on kudu
dec2014/6/long tailed macaque adult female
Long-tailed macaque - Adult female
dec2014/6/rock monitor lizard
Rock Monitor Lizard
dec2014/6/cheetah mother 16 month old cubs
Cheetah - Mother and 16 month old cubs
dec2014/6/long tailed macaque female grooming juvenile
Long-tailed macaque - Female grooming juvenile
dec2014/6/cheetah growling spotted hyena crocuta crocuta
Cheetah - Growling at spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta)
dec2014/6/aerial view delta
Aerial view of delta
dec2014/6/millipede tree trunk
Millipede - on tree trunk
dec2014/6/blue eared kingfisher
Blue-eared Kingfisher
dec2014/6/tiger leech
Tiger Leech
dec2014/6/trees afternoon light
Trees - with afternoon light
dec2014/6/mushrooms log
Mushrooms on log
dec2014/6/leaf mimic katydid
Leaf-mimic Katydid
dec2014/6/lantern bug
Lantern Bug
dec2014/6/water monitor
Water Monitor
dec2014/6/fishing boat harbour
Fishing Boat - in harbour
dec2014/6/verreauxs eagle owl
Verreaux's Eagle Owl
dec2014/6/st margarets church
St Margaret's Church
dec2014/6/church st margaret graveyard
Church of St Margaret - and graveyard
dec2014/6/garlandstone one large sailing boats
Garlandstone - (one of the last large sailing boats
dec2014/6/pelynt blossom tree church
Pelynt - with Blossom Tree and Church
dec2014/6/farmington pump house
Farmington Pump House
dec2014/6/rococo gardens painswick uk
Rococo Gardens, Painswick, UK
dec2014/6/northleach covered snow
Northleach - covered in snow
dec2014/6/bourton water covered snow
Bourton on the Water - covered in snow
dec2014/6/upper slaughter covered snow
Upper Slaughter - covered in snow
dec2014/6/stow wold market square covered snow
Stow on the Wold - market square covered in snow
dec2014/6/snow covered road
Snow covered Road
dec2014/6/snow covered church graveyard
Snow covered Church and Graveyard
dec2014/6/jacobean market hall
The Jacobean Market Hall
dec2014/6/great dixter house gardens the 15th cen timber
Great Dixter House and Gardens (The 15th Cen timber
dec2014/6/footpath flowerbed
Footpath and Flowerbed
dec2014/6/old fishing boats used fishermen huts
Old Fishing Boats - now used as fishermen huts
dec2014/6/english country cottage roses entrance
English Country Cottage - with Roses around entrance
dec2014/6/roses doorway farm house cotswold th
Roses around a doorway of a farm house in the cotswold at th
dec2014/6/salisbury cathedral 404 foot spire the
Salisbury Cathedral - with 404 foot spire (the
dec2014/6/polperro fishing harbour
Polperro Fishing Harbour
dec2014/6/tropical biomes
The Tropical Biomes
dec2014/6/steel statue adam pulling rope
Steel Statue of Adam pulling rope
dec2014/6/model cow
Model Cow
dec2014/6/wee man sculpture
Wee Man Sculpture
dec2014/6/lobster pots tall sailing ships
Lobster Pots and Tall Sailing Ships
dec2014/6/tall sailing ships
Tall Sailing Ships
dec2014/6/row bollards quayside harbour
Row of Bollards on the Quayside Harbour
dec2014/6/quayside harbour
Quayside Harbour
dec2014/6/cotehele tudor house archway gardens
Cotehele Tudor House Archway and gardens
dec2014/6/cotehele tudor house
Cotehele Tudor House
dec2014/6/rocky stream
Rocky Stream
dec2014/6/cotehele tudor house gardens
Cotehele Tudor House and gardens
dec2014/6/river usk
The River Usk
dec2014/6/narrow boat monmouth brecon canal
Narrow Boat - Monmouth and Brecon Canal
dec2014/6/narrow boats monmouth brecon canal
Narrow Boats - Monmouth and Brecon Canal
dec2014/6/monmouth brecon canal brynich aqueduct
Monmouth and Brecon Canal on the Brynich Aqueduct
dec2014/6/old tree stump
Old Tree Stump


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