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Anthropomorphic Gallery

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DOG - Norfolk / Norwich Terrier puppy, yawning / Ã singingÃ
Pygmy / Bonobo CHIMPANZEE - mating
Bonobo / pygmy CHIMPANZEES - Copulating, male on top
Rhesus MACAQUE MONKEY - Close-up of head
DOG - pug sitting behind wheel of car
Icelandic Horse - laughing
Chimpanzee - hands over ears Hear No Evil
Chimpanzee - hand over eyes See No Evil
Chimpanzee - hand over mouth Speak No Evil
Hamadryas Baboon - with mobile (cell) phone
LOWLAND GORILLA - Picking nose
Lowland Gorilla - adult male
Chimpanzee - young, with arms on head
DARTMOOR - Bowermans Nose, weathered granite
ORANG-UTAN - standing dancing
Llama - wearing Christmas hat and Christmas jumper
Chimpanzee - showing lips kissing - wearing Christmas
BONOBO / PYGMY CHIMP - walking upright, carrying vegetables
FG-11107 Hamadryas Baboon on chair with sunglasses
CHIMPANZEE - standing up on branches
Bottlenose dolphin - underwater
Rhesus Macaque Monkey
WAT-2170 Hamadryas Baboon - female standing on hind legs 
CHIMPANZEE - close-up of young face
Mountain GORILLAS - x two females Murraha and Poppy
Lowland Gorilla - showing hands
CHIMPANZEE - Hand over eyes
Pm-8840 Flounder
Jews Ear FUNGI also known as Jelly Ear Fungi
CHIMPANZEE - using computer in laboratory
USH-3740 Gorilla - baby animal sucking thumb, distribution
Orang-utan - close-up funny face
GREY SEAL - pup lying on sandy beach, covers eyes
Chimpanzee - sitting & eating
Mandrill - close-up of face
Black Spider Monkey - male sunbathing
Olive BABOON - eating sausage from sausage tree
CHIMPANZEE - balancing in mangrove
CHIMPANZEE - two on branches, one scratching
Mountain Gorilla - sleeping in leaves
Orang Utan - Portrait of a male, holding his mouth with his hand
Lowland Gorilla - Lying on back with hands & feet in the air
Tabby Cat - two, one whispering to the other
Japanese Macaque / Snow Monkey - young, yawning

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Puzzles, Prints, Cards, Framed, Housewares, Posters, Canvas, Fine Art, Metal, Mounted...

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