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Apes Gallery

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Borneo Orangutan - female with baby. (Pongo pygmaeus)
San Diego ZOO - Siamang Gibbon
Lowland Gorilla - adult male
Chimpanzee. Chimfunshi Chimp Reserve. Zambia
Agile Gibbon male calling 102
Agile Gibbon male 100
Bornean Orangutan adult female portrait
Lion-tailed Macaque male showing canines
Chimpanzee - showing lips kissing valentine
Chimpanzee - dressed as nurse holding bananas and
Chimpanzee - smile
CHIMPANZEE - family, Fifi, Faustino and Ferdinand
CHIMPANZEE - giving piggyback to second chimpanzee
CHIMPANZEE - 23 year old male, Freud - facing camera
Chimpanzee - OA†ifiOA¬ Bushingwa & Charlotte Uhlenbroek
Orang-utan - with baby
CHIMPANZEE - OA†reudOA¬ close up of head
Chimpanzee - greeting man though cage bars
Chimpanzee - being fed milk from a bottle though cage bars
Chimpanzees - looking through bars of cage
Chimpanzee - touching boy though cage bars
Chimpanzee - looking through bars
Chimpanzees - being fed through cage bars
Chimpanzee - arm reaching through cage bars for food
Chimpanzee - behind bars
Chimpanzees - eating food in bucket through cage bars
Eastern / Long-haired Chimpanzee - eating Red colobus
Borneo Orang utan - following tourists along path
Borneo Orangutan female with indonesian man (Pongo pygmaeus)
Borneo Orangutan - with tourists (Pongo pygmaeus)
Mountain Gorilla with tourists (Gorilla beringei beringei)
Lowland Gorilla - hand & foot
Chimpanzee - see no evil
Chimpanzee - young
Chimpanzee - looking curious
Chimpanzee - portrait
Chimpanzee - scratching face
Gorilla - skull and incisor teeth
Chimpanzee - with Rodney Lemata (Caretaker) playing
Chimpanzee - rescued chimpanzee behind bars in
Chimpanzee - Rodney Lemata (Caretaker) grooming
Chimpanzee - with Fred Nizeyimana (Veterinarian)
Chimpanzee - Paul Nyenje (Caretaker) playing with
Mountain Gorilla Skull - holotype 1902, Museum
The Gorilla Story - Cemetry of Gorillas where Dian
CHIMPANZEE - group and researcher
The Mountain Gorilla Story - Snares placed by poachers
Mountain GORILLA STORY - Dian Fossey

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Puzzles, Prints, Cards, Housewares, Framed, Posters, Canvas, Fine Art, Metal, Mounted...

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