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Attacking Gallery

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Black Garden Ant - protecting aphids from 7-spot Ladybird
Red DEER - fighting, antlers in velvet too soft for fighting
Atlantic / Whiskered Walrus - aggression / fighting
Chital / Spotted Deer - fighting
Lions - two males attacking third male, protecting territory and females in their pride
Chital / Spotted Deer - Two in headlock, with others behind
Red Kangaroo - 2 animals boxing
Grey Seal - 2 bulls fighting in surf during breeding season
Sandwich Tern - 2 birds fighting over sandeels
Oystercatcher - two birds fighting in territorial dispute
European Wolf - young wolf confronting rank weakest animal, pack dispute. Note tail position is high of dominant wolf
European Wolf - Young animal attacking the rank weakest animal in snow, winter
European Wolf - injured animal snarling at magpie, which is trying to peck at raw flesh, winter
European Wolf - pack showing aggresssion towards rank weakest animal
European Wolf - young animal chasing magpie in the snow, winter
Northern or Steller Sealions - fighting
Bison - bulls sparring
Bull Bison - fighting, sparring, summer
Grey Wolves - in snow, involved in dominance behavior - usually no one gets hurt in these short but intense displays
Grey Wolf / Timber Wolf - Two, dominance behavior in snow
Grey Wolf / Timber Wolf - dominance behavior
Bighorn Sheep - ram preparing to butt another ram
Coastal Grizzly Bears - males wrestling
California Bighorn SHEEP- Rams, dominance behavior
Collared Peccary / Javelina - Two together with mouth open
Black Bears - fighting, mostly snapping jaws and growling over fishing spot
RED DEER - x two stags / males fighting
Red Deer - Fighting
Giraffe - two bulls fighting rotating their long necks
Hippopotamus - Juvenile males play fighting
Lion - lionesses attacking male, a potential threat to their cubs
Great-Tailed GRACKLES - males fighting
Burchells / Plains / Common Zebras - two fighting
Hippopotamus - Two in water fighting together
Hippopotamus - Two fighting in water
Black-backed Jackals - Two fighting with Hyaena in background feeding at kill
Cheetah - two fighting
European Brown Bear - with cub, playing
European Brown Bear - two playing
Northern Gannet - two males fighting to establish a breeding site
Nilgai / Bluebuck / Blue bull Antelope - Final assault of Stags fighting over a female
Young Royal Bengal Tigers play-fighting
Northern Elephant Seal - males fighting
Grey Seal - cow in agressive posture
Common ZEBRA - fighting
Pronghorn - male fighting
Korrigum - two males sparring
Anhingas / Snakebirds - In tree disputing territory

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