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Barrier Gallery

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Sea Oats on Gulf of Mexico at South Padre
Corn Snake (Elaphe guttata), or red rat
Red Lionfish (Pterois volitans) Coral Reef
Young boy in palm tree at sunset, Ambergris
Sunset on Ambergris Caye, Belize, Central
Ambergris Caye, Belize, Central America
Sapodilla Islands, Southern Belize, Central
Aerial view of Barrier Reef, Belize, Central
Belize. Goff Caye, a popular Barrier Reef
Belize, Wild Orchid Caye (aka Moho Caye)
Belize, Toledo, Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve
Belize, Stann Creek District, South Water
Belize, Stann Creek District near Placencia
Belize, Belize. Goffs Caye, popular Barrier
Belize, Caribbean Sea, Goff Caye. A small
Mount Baldy and Barrier Lake in the Kananaskis
Canada, Alberta, Kananaskis Country, Road
Aerial view of The Great Barrier Reef by
The Great Barrier Reef, aerial view of Green
Warning Sign - with sateam bubbling up from mud
Giant Clam - spawning
Giant Clam - Great Barrier Reef
Stone Wall
Stone Wall
Minke WHALE - OA„warf MinkeOA Subpecies, bring photographed
Great Barrier Reef - aerial view - sand & shingle cays
Black Noddy Tern / White Capped Noddy TERN
Snorkellers - x2, on Coral reef
Diver Snorkeller & Onlookers
Stone Fish - venomous
Windsurfing - Lizard Island
Diver feeding Potato Cod & Coral trout (Plectropomus
CORAL REEF - scene with diver
Dwarf Minke Whale - surfing inside wave
Dwarf Minke Whale - with researcher
Dwarf Minke Whale
Minke Whale - with researcher
Snorkellers tied to rope (attached to boat) in
Bleached coral, stressed by unusually hot water
Hard and soft corals, bleached by stress of an
Bleached community of hard corals, stressed by
Pink anemonefish in a Magnificent sea anemone (Heteractis
Barrier Reef anemonefish in a Leathery sea anemone
Bleached branching coral, stressed by unusually
Bleached encrusting coral, stressed by unusually
Bleached Mushroom coral, stressed by unusually
Crown-of-thorns starfish - being killed by diver
Green turtle - female laying. Researchers closely
Green turtle - female laying, watched by tourists

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