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Beaver Gallery

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Mallard ducklings, Anas platyrhynchos, Stanley
North AMERICAN BEAVER - gnawing on branch to make a dam
AMERICAN BEAVER - gnawing on branch, close-up
European Beaver
Beaver - working on beaver dam, late autumn
Mountain peaks reflect into a beaver pond
Dramatic sunset clouds from passing thunderstorm
Pond reflects at days end in the Bears Paw
Common Loon on Beaver Lake in the Stillwater
Snow-covered trees, Stanley Park, British
Bullfrog, Rana catesbeiana, Stanley Park
Mallard, Anas platyrhynchos, Stanley Park
Barred owl feather, Strix varia, Stanley
Mallard duckling, Anas platyrhynchos, Stanley
Prey and feather of a barred owl, Strix
Great blue heron, Adea herodias, with a
Canada, British Columbia. Serene and reflective
Beaver pond along the Flathead River near
Sofa Mountain Reflects in Beaver Pond in
European beaver - beaver lodge - Germany
Alder Flycatcher in shrubs around beaver pond
European Beaver trees gnawed by beaver
European Beaver swimming
Beaver - slapping its tail as a warning to other beavers that an intruder is about
Sm-832A Beaver
American BEAVER - in the water, carrying a log in mouth
WAT-16167 European Beaver - by water
American Beaver - family inside lodge
European Beaver - tree damage
Beaver - webbing on foot (from a specimen)
European Beavers
Solitary sandpiper - in beaver pond during spring
Marsh Wren - on territory in spring - Beaver pond - May
Hart Pond - at dawn at beaver dam - May
Canada Warbler - singing on territory in May at
Boreal Owl - in winter snow actively hunting at
Large Poplar Tree - showing signs of Beaver work
Beaver standing up on hindlegs close to the water alert
Beaver in water feeding on willow stick
Tundra pond with beaver dam, autumn colors
Beaver - In water carring willow branches using
Beaver swimming in pond, late afternoon sunlight
Beaver - Fallen tree trunk of Poplar tree can down by beaver
Trumpeter Swan - family resting on old Beaver lodge
European Beaver - in water
Birch Tree - felled tree showing gnawing and teeth
European Beaver - feeding
Beaver - drinking at pool

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