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Blues Gallery

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El Segundo Blue Butterfly
Marsh Gentian with eggs of Alcon Blue Butterfly
Chalkhill Blue Butterfly
Russian Blue cat indoors
Chalkhill blue - underside on seed head - Barnack
Adonis blue - male - wings open - resting on leaves - Dorset
Adonis blue - pair mating- Dorset
Adonis Blue- pair mating - on seed head - Dorset
Cat - European Blue - in studio
Cat - European Blue
Silver Studded Blue Butterfly
Holly Blue Butterfly
Common Blue Butterfly - on grass
Common Blue - feeding on Hop Trefoil (Trifolium campestre)
Green-underside Blue butterfly - on a Green-winged Orchid (Orchis morio)
Three Silver-studded Blue Butterflies - roosting at dusk
Mazarine Blue - roosting after rain
JAB-2793 Silver-studded Blue Butterfly - male
JAB-2793-C Silver-studded Blue Butterfly - male
Common Blue Butterfly - feeding on kidney vetch
Common Blue Butterfly. Male
Great Milkwort - with mainly Mazarine Blues butterflies
ROG-8918 Large Blue Butterfly
Green-underside Blue Butterfly - on flower
MAR-415 Straight Pierrot Butterfly with Zebra Blue (Syntarucus sp.) on right
Holly Blues with one Short-tailed Blue Butterfly (Everes argiades) - Taking minerals from ground
Alcon blue - Underside, resting on plant
GET-1058 Large Blue Butterfly
Idas Blue BUTTERFLY - Mating pair
El Segundo Blue Butterfly - mating pair
Adonis BLUE BUTTERFLY - Female resting in dull weather
Common Blue BUTTERFLIES - on flower
Cat illustration, repeating pattern Date: 02-Mar-20
Cat Russian Blue

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