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Bushy Gallery

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Hairy Alpenrose (Rhododendron hirsutum)
New Zealand, South Island, Otago, Omaru
Black and White Colobus Monkey, Colobus
Bushy Gorgonian photographed in aquarium with visible
Bushy Gorgonian showing fluorescent colors when
Bushy Gorgonian showing fluorescent colours when
Red hot branding iron.Brands are burnt into the
Cattle mustering - aerial helicopter on
Cattle mustering - aerial helicopter
Bushy Park Cattle Station.aerial. 60km south of
Mustering by helicopter.Bushy Park Cattle Station
Cattle mustering with helicopter - aerial photograph.In
Bushy-tailed Woodrat / Pack Rat in field
Separating calves from heifers for branding.Bushy
Cattle in yards.drafting cattle - separating calf
Windmill.on cattle station. Bushy Park Station
Windmill.Stockman sitting at top of windmill while
Stockmen branding a steer.Brands are burnt into
Stockmen.having a tea break during the annual cattle
Remote cattle station - aerial photograph.Road
Windmill.evening. Bushy Park Station, North Queensland
StockmanOA┬│ ornate belt buckle decorated with the
Cattle in yards.Cattle drafting - this involves
Cattle mustering - aerial image.Helicopter mustering
Dam. on cattle station. Bushy Park Station, North
Stockwoman.resting during annual cattle muster
Watching calf branding during muster.Bushy Park
Cattle mustering.The cattle are being pushed by
Windmill.with station hand doing maintenance work
Windmill.with station hands doing maintenance work
Mustering by helicopter and motorbike.Bushy Park
Helicopter and outback letterbox - aerial image.Twice
Cattle mustering - aerial image.Helicopters are
Remote cattle station - aerial photograph.with
Cattle mustering - aerial photograph.Helicopters
Loading cattle for trip to the sale yard.Bushy
Calf being branded.Bushy Park Cattle Station, 60km
Branding calf during mustering.Bushy Park Cattle
Cattle mustering.Separating calves from their mothers
OA“mokoOA­ morning tea during mustering.Bushy Park
Stockman and stockwoman with cow in pen.drafting
Cattle in yard for drafting.separating calf from.mother
Jackaroo having a rest during mustering. Bushy
Selwyn Range.Bushy Park Cattle Station, 60km south
Cattle in yards.Cattle drafting - separating calves
Bushy Park Cattle StationOA┬│ letterbox.the train
Branding calf during muster.Bushy Park Cattle Station
Red truck.Water truck used to transport water to

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