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Crustacean Gallery

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JPF-13408 Antarctic Krill
JZ-1983 Horseshoe Crab
Giant Japanese Spider Crab
Red Crab / Land crab - Single crab on beach close up
Horseshoe / King Crab, Spawning Beach
CAN-3231 Louisiana Crayfish / Crawfish - widely harvested for food
PM-9700 Black & White Illustration: Crab zoea larvae. Pagurus etc
Giant Robber / Coconut Crab
Red Crab (A land crab) - Male dipping to replenish water & salt
Red Hermit Crab in its habitat, emerging from its shell
Red Hermit Crab - Emerging from its shell
California gray whale - adult, colony of barnacles (Cryptolepas rhachianecti)
Striped Pyjama SQUID - surrounded by Mysid shrimp
PM-9590 Velvet / swimming CRAB
Hermit crab (Paguroidea)
Horseshoe Crab - often found on beach after tide recedes
JPF-9387 Antarctic Krill Shoal
SPH-2604 Sea Slater - seashore
Fossil Fish with Shrimp (Carpopenaus)
California Grey Whale - Close-up of head area, showing blowholes, and patches of barnacles
North America, USA, Texas, Kendall Co
Sally Lightfoot Crab, (Grapsus grapsus)
Hermit crab, Henderson island (World Heritage)
Indo-Pacific. Cleaner shrimp on coral cod
Elegant star squat lobster, or allogalathea
Sexy anemone shrimp, or thor amboinensis
Hingeback shrimp
Norway, Spitsbergen, Nordaustlandet. Thousands
Fossil Trilobites, (Phacops rana), Devonian
Caribbean hermit crab (Coenobita clypeatus)
USA, UK, USVI, BVI. Hermit crab of Virgin
Yellowline Arrow Crab (Stenorhynchus seticornis)
Caribbean, Bahamas. Ghost crab
Hermit Crab (Aniculus aniculus), Scuba diving
Indonesia. Starfish mouth, detail
Indonesia, Lembeh Strait. Two colorful shrimp
Indonesia, Lembeh Strait. Shrimp walking
Indonesia, Lembeh Strait. Close-up of crab
Indonesia, Sulawesi, Lembeh Strait. Shrimp
Multicolored lobster (Panulirus ornatus)
Indonesia, Komodo National Park. Wire coral
Indonesia, Pantar Island. This crab is commensal
Harlequin Crab - inside Tube Anemone, Cerianthus sp - Batu Niti Slope dive site, Seraya, Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia
Atlantic ghost crab, Ocypode quadrata, eating
Simplex Shrimp - on sand feeding on Sea Star
Box Crab on night dive
Close up of mould on bread
Tail of Peacock Mantis - Emerald dive site, Seraya, Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia

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