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England - Aerial view, M25 / M11 Motorway Junction, Essex
Poppies in cereal crop, sun haze / flare - backlit
Shark warning sign - these signs are off most swimming beaches. This one is aimed at tourists who do not speak English
Dense out-of-focus Poppies in cereal crop, Devon, agricultural landscape beyond
Asia, Indonesia, Sulawesi, Sulawesi crested black
Titan triggerfish, Balistoides viridescens, eating
Mallard male with head entangled with plastic six-pack ring
Bottlenose Dolphin playing with plastic bag underwater
Bottlenose Dolphin playing with plastic six-pack ring
Seagull with head entangled in plastic six-pack ring
Harbor Seal entangled in fishing net
Caribbean, Trinidad, Asa Wright Wildlife Sanctuary
Captive Amur Leopard in winter, Panthera pardus
Indonesia, Komodo National Park, Tatawa Besar. Close-up
Indian Asian Elephants, crossing the river Ramganga
Indian Asian Elephants, Corbett National Park, India
Indian Asian Elephant, tusker on the track, Corbett
Indian Asian Elephant, male, in the savannah, Corbett
Indian Asian Elephant, Tusker in the grassland
Indian Asian Elephant family in the savannah, Corbett
Baby Elephant following the mother, Corbett National
China, Sichuan Province, Chengdu, Chengdu Research
Indonesia, West Papua, Raja Ampat. Hawksbill sea
barren ground caribou, Rangifer tarandus, bull with
Asia, Indonesia, Sulawesi crested black macaque
Bolivia, Chile, Inland, the Western Range
The icebreabker Kapitan Khlebnikov at anchor
Wordie Glacier, Godthab Golf, North East
Village Uummannaq Greenland
Sunset, Greenland Sea, East Coast of Greenland
Sunset reflections, Greenland Sea, East
Sunset reflections, the movement of
Sunrise, Sondrestrom Fjord, West Coast of
Sunset, Kong Oscar Fjord, East Coast of
Sunrise, Scoresby Sound, East Coast of Greenland
Rests of a recent kill Ella Island, North
Pancake ice, Greenland Sea, East Coast of
Mountain landscape, Skjeldal Kong Oscar
Mountains in fog, Prince Christian Sound
Mountain reflection panorama, Godthab Golf
Mountain peak, Danmark Island, Scoresby
Landscape, Scoresby sound, Greenland
Landscape, Long Island, Greenland
Landscape, Franz Joseph Fjord, North East
Landscape Scoresby sound East Coast of Greenland
Icebergs, Cape York, Greenland
Iceberg detail, Uummunnaq, Greenland
Icebergs at sunrise, Cape York, West Coast

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