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Legs Gallery

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Ostrich - Legs & feet
Red Kite - in flight
Mexican White-Knee Tarantula / Bird-eating Spider
Suricate / Meerkat adults with young on the lookout
Tortoise with zimmer framce
Great Spotted Woodpecker - female
USH-4674-M Father Christmas - riding bicycle through beech woodland - coverd in snow and ice
TARANTULA / Bird-eating Spider
Polar Bear
Polar Bear
Norwegian Forest Cat, kitten on hind legs
Female Black Bear watching from behind tree
Tomato Hornworm - garden / crop pest
Aldabra Giant TORTOISE
Giant Swallowtail Butterfly - in flight, about to land and nectar on blossom
DOG - paw being bandaged by vet
LRDS-103 Jumping Spider
LRDS-120 Crab Spider
Desert Tarantula / Bird-eating Spider - Venomous
MOSQUITO - drinking blood from human and showing in abdomen
House SPIDER - hairy
Cat - begging receiving titbit
CAN-457 Western Grey Kangaroo - mother & joey
LRDS-83 Mosquito, Female
Munchkin kitten in the studio
Burmese Cat on hind legs
Black & White Cat - singing into microphone
Africa, Kenya, Meru National Park, colorful
Three female Gerenuks standing on hind legs
Gerenuk standing on hind legs browsing
Hamster - Standing on hind legs with Birthday
Cat Asian 7 week old kitten
DOG - Siberian / Arctic Husky puppy peering over fence wearing, red Christmas Santa hat Date: 22-05-2021
Wolverine; sitting on its haunches, cleaning its fur with its teeh, Hessen, Germany Date: 06-Oct-15
DOG, cross breed jack Russell, sitting up playing a mouth organ / harmonica, studio, white background
Alpine Marmots two facing each other one holding red rose
Maine Coon Cat, kitten standing on hind legs
Suricate / Meerkat, holding rose
CAT. Ginger & white cat with paws up, studio
CAT. silver grey kitten ( 12 weeks old ) with
CAT. Tabby & white cat with paws up, studio
DOG. Australian Shepherd, sitting up with paws
CAT. Tabby & white cat standing playing a mouth
CAT. ginger & white, sitting with paws up, studio

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