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Red Deer - stag. Haute Saone, France
Fallow Deer - Rutting - Richmond Park - UK
Chukar - male calling
White-tailed Deer - buck in winter snow
Fallow Deer - bucks in snow covered forest - Germany
Black Bantam Lyonnaise Chicken with frizzled plumage
White-tailed Deer - buck in winter snow with Christmas baubles & wreath
TOM-1953 White-tailed Deer - buck with tail up to signal to other deer that an intruder is in the woods
TOM-1719 Rocky Mountain Elk - bull bugling - Autumn
African Elephant - bull displaying aggressive behaviour when in musk
Kingfisher adult on lichen covered branch spring
Dall Sheep ram feeding on grass on sheep mountain
Yellow Wagtail male hunting flies 16827
Purple Finch
Purple Finch
Austral Peregrine Falcon - adult male calling in flight
Superb Lyrebird - male spreading tail during full courtship
Wild Boar - male in rut. Haute Saone, France
TOM-1777 Bison bull grazing on prairie grass
Ibex - males fighting
red deer (Cervus elaphus), Stag during rut, England, U.K
Pied Wagtail, Pied White Wagtail - adult male - Sweden
Blackcap male water Blackcap adult male bathing Germany
White-tailed Deer wearing Christmas hats with snowman in forest
Orpington Chicken Hen
Naked Neck Chicken Cockerel / Rooster
Amrock Chicken hen
Wild Golden Aseel Chicken Cockerel / Rooster
Ayam Cemani Chicken hen
Ayam Cemani Chicken Cockerel / Rooster
Golden Partridge Brahma Chicken Cockerel
Reed Bunting male in summer
Blackcap male bathing
Indigo Buntings (Passerina cyanea) males
Northern Pintail (Anas acuta) males
Sea Lion males screaming in vocal fight
Africa. Tanzania. Zebra males sparring at
red deer (Cervus elaphus), Stag roaring during rut
red deer (Cervus elaphus), Stag during rut, interacting
Fallow Deer, buck in snow covered forest, Germany
Red Deer Stags - Sparring - Richmond Park - London - UK
Great Spotted Woodpecker - Male - Cornwall - UK
Thick-billed Euphonia, male, Cueva de los Guacharos
Scarlet Tanager Piranga olivacea Adult male in mixed f
Sumatra Chicken Golden and Black Cockerel / Rooster
Ko Shamo Chicken Cockerel / Rooster
Chabo / Japanese bantam Chicken Cockerel / Rooster
Combattant de Tirlemont Chicken

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