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Red Kite - adult in flight
Red squirrel - Close-up of singe adult sitting on a branch in woodland
Sika Deer - Hind with newly born calf
Sunset - Sunset over the sea
Common Buzzard - adult in flight soaring with red kite (Milvus milvus) in background
Red kite - adults in flight soaring
European Starling - squatting native woodpeckers nests in cavities in Saguaro Cacti (Carnegiea gigantea)
Corn Bunting - single adult sitting on a grassy mound
Lapwing - single adult standing on grassy mound
Swan Mussel - showing foot emerging from shell
Fieldfare - single adult perching on ground
Gadwall - adult female on the water with adult male in background
Wigeon - a large flock of birds grazing on short grass
Brent goose - a flock of geese moving off to feeding grounds
Sanderling - single adult running along a the tide line
Brent goose - a flock of geese feeding on short grass and on a freshwater pool
Gadwall - adult male preening on the water
Swan mussel - Photographed underwater showing foot
Nine-spined stickelback - Pair photographed underwater
Sandwich Tern - Single adult in flight
Black-headed gull - One adult gull passing nesting material back to mate on nest
Smooth newt - Single adult male in full breeding condition, Photographed underwater
Dunlin - in flight - A large flock of dunlin stream past over the Exe estuary at sundown
Slow Worm - Single adult emerging from the undergrowth
Rock Pipit - Single adult calling while perching on lichen covered rock
Common Tern - Single adult in flight about to land on a log
Common Snipe - Single adult on ground in vegetation
Fieldfare - adult perching on ground
Sand Lizard - Single adult male basking on heathland
Great Crested Newt and Smooth Newt (Triturus vulgaris) - Single adult males of both species photographed together
Brent Goose - adult in flight coming in to land
Great Crested Newt - On moss covered log
Common Toad - Adult female sitting in grass
Pied Wagtail - adult perching on lichen covered rock
Eider - adult male calling
Short-eared owl - Single adult perching on moorland having failed to catch prey
Ptarmigan - Single adult male in summer plumage
Common Sandpiper - adult calling by edge of lake
Corncrake - Single adult male calling in the early morning
Ringed Plover - Single adult calling from seaweed covered rock
Twite - Single adult perching on fence
Sanderling - Single adult feeding on the tideline
Arctic Tern - Single adult in flight, North Uist
Ringed Plover, - Single adult perching on rock

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