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Tanzania Gallery

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FL-3307 Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
CHEETAH - with four 6 week-old cubs
Serval - adult female walks cautiously through the grass
TANZANIA - Mount Kilimanjaro & Zebra
Masai Giraffes
STA-188 Mount Kilimanjaro - Snow melting on summit
Children swimming
Eastern Long-haired CHIMPANZEE - walking
Africa Elephant - infront of Mt Kilimanjaro
SAFARI - Tourists in vehicle and African Elephant
African Lion - mating pair
African Lion - brothers resting
Blotched / Cape / Large- spotted Genet - walking on forest floor
FL-3080 Black Rhinoceros - feeding, using prehensile upper lip
AFRICA - Tanzania, Tarangire River
Hippopotamus - grazing
Spotted Hyena, (Crocuta crocuta), hunting
Africa, Tanzania, Lake Maniara National
Africa, Tanzania, Serengeti National Park
Africa, Tanzania. African elephants, loxodonta
Africa, Tanzania, Tarangire Safari. African
Africa, Tanzania. Aerial view of african
Africa, Tanzania. African elephant at sunset
Africa, Tanzania, Burchells Zebra, or equus
Africa, Tanzania, Tarangire Safari. Burchell
Africa, Tanzania. African elephant, loxodonta
Africa, Tanzania. African elephants, herd
Africa. Tanzania. Elephant mother and calf
Africa. Tanzania. Pink Hibiscus in Arusha
Africa. Tanzania. Male Variable Sunbird
Africa. Tanzania. Female Variable Sunbird
Africa. Tanzania. Male Silvery-Cheeked Hornbill
Africa. Tanzania. Female Impala antelope
Africa. Tanzania. Kirks Dik Dik at Lake
Africa. Tanzania. Elephant at Lake Manyara
Africa. Tanzania. Female Silvery-Cheeked
Africa. Tanzania. Blue Monkeys (Sykes Monkey)
Africa. Tanzania. Steep ascent on the road
Africa. Tanzania. View on the road leading
Africa. Tanzania. Hippopotamus sparring
Africa. Tanzania. Golden Jackals investigate
Africa. Tanzania
Africa. Tanzania. Wildebeest birth at Ngorongoro
Africa. Tanzania. Black-Bellied Bustard
Africa. Tanzania. Golden Jackal at Ngorongoro
Africa. Tanzania. Abdims Stork at Ngorongoro
Africa. Tanzania. Young Lion and Helmeted
Africa. Tanzania. Cape Buffalo after mud

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