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dec2014/5/orange tip butterfly
Orange Tip Butterfly
butterflies insects/peacock butterfly
butterflies insects/broad bodied chaser dragonfly warming yellow
Broad Bodied Chaser Dragonfly - warming on Yellow Iris
abstract/butterfly wing close up wing
BUTTERFLY WING - close-up of wing
flowers/wanderer monarch milkweed butterflies resting
Wanderer / MONARCH / Milkweed Butterflies - resting in garden of flowers
dec2014/7/marsh fritillary butterfly uk
Marsh Fritillary Butterfly - UK
butterflies insects/swallowtail flower wings closed
Swallowtail - on flower wings closed
butterflies insects/swallowtail butterfly blackthorn
Swallowtail Butterfly - on blackthorn
butterflies insects/giant swallowtail butterfly flight land nectar
Giant Swallowtail Butterfly - in flight, about to land and nectar on blossom
butterflies insects/twelve spot skimmer dragonfly female resting
Twelve-spot Skimmer Dragonfly - female resting on red clover flower on cool morning
butterflies insects/7 spot ladybird marsh marigolds
7-SPOT LADYBIRD - on Marsh Marigolds
butterflies insects/7 spot ladybird crawling crocus
7-SPOT LADYBIRD - crawling over Crocus
butterflies insects/7 spot ladybird feeding pollen
7-Spot LADYBIRD - feeding on pollen
butterflies insects/pill woodlouse rolled ball
Pill Woodlouse - rolled into a ball
butterflies insects/7 spot ladybird leaf
7-Spot Ladybird - On leaf
butterflies insects/swallowtail flower wings open
Swallowtail - on flower wings open
flowers/wanderer monarch milkweed butterfly purple
Wanderer / MONARCH / Milkweed Butterfly - on purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea)
butterflies insects/swallowtail flower wings open
Swallowtail - on flower wings open
butterflies insects/swallowtail flower wings closed
Swallowtail - on flower wings closed
butterflies insects/small tortoiseshell butterfly resting purple
Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly - resting on Purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria)
arty/wanderer monarch milkweed butterfly purple
Wanderer / Monarch / Milkweed Butterfly - on purple coneflower, (Echinacea purpurea)
butterflies insects/scarce copper butterfly male 1900m maritime alps
Scarce Copper Butterfly male at 1900m Maritime Alps, France
butterflies insects/swallowtail butterfly
Swallowtail Butterfly
dec2014/5/owl butterfly wings
Owl Butterfly - detail of wings
dec2014/5/eastern festoon butterfly
Eastern Festoon Butterfly
dec2014/5/old world swallowtail butterfly
Old-World Swallowtail Butterfly
dec2014/5/owl butterfly wing
Owl Butterfly - wing detail
butterflies insects/swallowtail butterfly
Swallowtail Butterfly
butterflies insects/orange tip butterfly
Orange Tip Butterfly
butterflies insects/meadow brown butterfly sunflower helianthus
Meadow Brown Butterfly on sunflower (Helianthus
dec2014/6/spotted fritillary butterfly
Spotted Fritillary Butterfly
butterflies insects/butterfly swallowtail resting plant
Butterfly, Swallowtail - resting on plant
butterflies insects/giant locust phymateus saxosus
Giant Locust (Phymateus saxosus)
butterflies insects/camouflaged thornbugs thorn treehopper group
Camouflaged THORNBUGS / Thorn Treehopper - group on branch
butterflies insects/small tortoiseshell butterfly ice plant
Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly - on ice plant
butterflies insects/swallowtail butterfly larva feeding carrot
Swallowtail Butterfly Larva - feeding on carrot leaves
butterflies insects/orange tip butterfly resting bluebell flower
Orange Tip Butterfly - resting on Bluebell flower
butterflies insects/angle shades moth autumn
Angle Shades Moth - Autumn
butterflies insects/brimstone butterfly perched thistle backlit
Brimstone Butterfly - perched on thistle and being backlit by early morning sunshine
butterflies insects/brown argus butterfly underside male
Brown Argus Butterfly - underside of male
butterflies insects/swallowtail butterfly blade grass
Swallowtail Butterfly - on blade of grass
patterns/silver washed fritillary butterfly male
Silver Washed Fritillary Butterfly - male
butterflies insects/poplar hawkmoth resting lilac blossom garden
Poplar Hawkmoth - resting on lilac blossom in garden
butterflies insects/garden tiger moth showing markings wings
Garden Tiger MOTH - showing markings on wings
butterflies insects/lesser purple emperor butterfly showing false
Lesser Purple Emperor BUTTERFLY - showing false eyes on wings
butterflies insects/7 spot ladybird feeding aphids greenfly
7-spot ladybird - feeding on aphids / greenfly
butterflies insects/black garden ant sundew curl
Black Garden Ant - on sundew curl
butterflies insects/common bumblebee collecting pollen primula
Common Bumblebee - collecting pollen on Primula flower
butterflies insects/small angle shades moth
Small Angle Shades Moth
butterflies insects/southern white admiral butterfly bramble flower
Southern White Admiral Butterfly - bramble flower
butterflies insects/southern white admiral butterfly controlled
Southern White Admiral Butterfly - controlled conditions
butterflies insects/spot burnet moth yorkshire fog grass
Six Spot Burnet Moth - on Yorkshire Fog grass
butterflies insects/glow worm female
Glow Worm - female
butterflies insects/camberwell beauty butterfly buddleia
Camberwell Beauty Butterfly - on buddleia
butterflies insects/cos 4166
butterflies insects/marmalade hover fly gazania flower
Marmalade Hover Fly - on Gazania flower
butterflies insects/cos 3114
butterflies insects/cos 3105
butterflies insects/thornbugs
butterflies insects/broad bordered bee hawkmoth approaching flower
Broad-bordered Bee Hawkmoth - approaching flower
butterflies insects/broad bordered bee hawkmoth garden
Broad-bordered Bee Hawkmoth - in garden
butterflies insects/leaf cutter ant leaf
Leaf Cutter Ant - with leaf
butterflies insects/giant atlas moth close wing scales
Giant Atlas Moth - close up of wing scales
butterflies insects/peacock butterfly feeding garden flower
Peacock Butterfly - feeding on garden flower
butterflies insects/ants carrying leaf
Ants - carrying leaf
butterflies insects/common blue butterfly grass
Common Blue Butterfly - on grass
butterflies insects/elephant hawkmoth
Elephant Hawkmoth
butterflies insects/great milkwort mainly mazarine blues butterflies
Great Milkwort - with mainly Mazarine Blues butterflies
butterflies insects/jumping spider family salticidae just caught
A jumping spider (family Salticidae) that has just caught an insect and is beginning
butterflies insects/butterfly peacock resting flower garden
Butterfly, Peacock - resting on flower in garden
butterflies insects/swallowtail butterfly feeding thistle flower
Swallowtail Butterfly - feeding on thistle flower
butterflies insects/sph 2412 small copper butterfly
SPH-2412 Small Copper Butterfly
butterflies insects/peacock butterfly sunbathing
Peacock butterfly - sunbathing
dec2014/1/common wanderer butterfly pareronia anais
Common Wanderer Butterfly (Pareronia anais)
butterflies insects/jz 1585 monarch butterfly emerging
JZ-1585 Monarch Butterfly - emerging
butterflies insects/twelve spot skimmer dragonfly resting red clover
Twelve-spot Skimmer Dragonfly - resting on red clover flower on cool morning - believed
butterflies insects/pearly malachite butterfly siproeta stelenes
Pearly Malachite Butterfly (Siproeta stelenes)
butterflies insects/jd 15641 giant prickly stick insect
JD-15641 Giant Prickly Stick Insect
butterflies insects/jd 15640 giant prickly stick insect
JD-15640 Giant Prickly Stick Insect
butterflies insects/feu 509 7 spot ladybird white flower
FEU-509 7-Spot Ladybird on White Flower
butterflies insects/swallowtail vipers bugloss
Swallowtail - On vipers bugloss
butterflies insects/wanderer monarch milkweed butterfly
Wanderer / MONARCH / Milkweed Butterfly
butterflies insects/tree nymph paper kite rice paper butterfly
Tree Nymph / Paper Kite / Rice Paper Butterfly - resting with wings closed
butterflies insects/spider web
Spider - on web
butterflies insects/swallowtail butterfly dewberry
Swallowtail Butterfly - on dewberry
butterflies insects/common grasshopper nymph
Common GRASSHOPPER - Nymph
butterflies insects/common blue butterflies flower
Common Blue BUTTERFLIES - on flower
butterflies insects/red admiral butterflies ice plant sedum
Red ADMIRAL Butterflies - on ice plant / Sedum
butterflies insects/western sheep moth lupine wildflower subalpine
Western Sheep Moth - on lupine wildflower in subalpine meadow, summer
butterflies insects/giant swallowtail butterfly flying
Giant Swallowtail Butterfly - flying
butterflies insects/clouded sulphur butterfly common sulphur
Clouded Sulphur Butterfly / Common Sulphur - flying
butterflies insects/7 spot ladybird dandelion flower
7-SPOT LADYBIRD - on Dandelion flower
butterflies insects/7 spot ladybird pink flower
7-Spot Ladybird - Pink Flower
butterflies insects/cylindrical millipede rolled spiral defensive
Cylindrical millipede rolled into a spiral as defensive posture
butterflies insects/white death crab spider spider changes colour
White Death Crab Spider - Spider changes colour to match background for camouflage
butterflies insects/harlequin ladybird flower
Harlequin LADYBIRD - on flower
butterflies insects/harlequin ladybird
Harlequin LADYBIRD
butterflies insects/22 spot yellow ladybird
22-Spot Yellow LADYBIRD
butterflies insects/orange tip butterfly male pink gerbera flower
Orange-tip BUTTERFLY - male on pink gerbera flower, side view


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