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dec2014/2/killer whale orca underwater
KILLER WHALE / Orca - underwater
dec2014/2/freshwater tardigrade water bear tardigrada
Freshwater TARDIGRADE - Water Bear / Tardigrada
dec2014/2/england aerial view hot air balloons clifton
England - Aerial view, Hot-air Balloons over Clifton
dec2014/2/falconry equipment
Falconry Equipment
dec2014/2/temmincks ground cape pangolin
Temminck's Ground / Cape Pangolin
dec2014/2/barred owl flight wings spread
Barred OWL - in flight, wings spread
dec2014/2/cat siamese kittens
Cat - Siamese kittens
dec2014/2/european badger resting
European Badger - resting
dec2014/2/shoebill whale head stork pair nest
Shoebill / Whale-head Stork - pair at nest
dec2014/2/autumn colour
Autumn Colour
dec2014/2/newfoundland dog swimming river
Newfoundland Dog - swimming in river
dec2014/2/hen harrier male passing prey female flight
Hen Harrier - Male passing prey to female in flight
dec2014/2/stinging box jellyfish sea wasp underwater
Stinging Box Jellyfish / Sea Wasp - Underwater
dec2014/2/cat ginger white tabby tom sunflowers
CAT - ginger and white tabby Tom with sunflowers
dec2014/2/cat desmond morris
Cat with Desmond Morris
dec2014/2/dog jack russell terrier lying stable
DOG - Jack Russell Terrier, lying in stable
dec2014/2/pill woodlouse
Pill Woodlouse
dec2014/2/estuarine saltwater crocodile jaws wide
Estuarine / Saltwater Crocodile - With jaws wide
dec2014/2/australia kata tjuta the olgas south rainy
Australia - Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) from the South in rainy conditions
dec2014/2/mole foraging surface
Mole - foraging on surface
dec2014/2/indian mongoose attacking indian cobra
Indian Mongoose - attacking Indian Cobra
dec2014/2/dog husky puppies sitting snow
DOG - two husky puppies sitting on snow
dec2014/2/dogs border collie puppies weeks old
Dogs - Two Border Collie puppies, five weeks old
dec2014/2/vampire bat drinking blood
Vampire Bat - drinking blood
dec2014/2/banana slug
Banana Slug
dec2014/2/tonga tapa cloth
Tonga - tapa cloth
dec2014/2/tonga tapa cloth tree bark
Tonga - tapa cloth being made from tree bark
dec2014/2/father christmas car snow scene
Father Christmas - in car - snow scene
dec2014/2/fischeroa3 peach faced lovebirds hybrid
FischerOA³ / Peach-faced Lovebirds - Hybrid
dec2014/2/hampshire sheep standing owner profile
Hampshire Down SHEEP - standing with owner, side profile
dec2014/2/dog husky puppies sitting snow
DOG - two husky puppies sitting on snow
dec2014/2/musical furry lobster palibythus magnificus
Musical furry lobster (Palibythus magnificus)
dec2014/2/giant clam spawning
Giant Clam - spawning
dec2014/2/diver hanging soft corals inside coral cave
DIVER - Hanging soft corals inside coral cave
dec2014/2/common house spider catching biting bumble bee
Common House Spider - Catching and biting bumble bee prey
dec2014/2/barred owl flight wings spread chasing prey
Barred OWL - in flight, wings spread, chasing for prey
dec2014/2/st bernard dog male barrel neck
St. Bernard Dog - Male with barrel around neck
dec2014/2/flammulated owl close
Flammulated OWL - close up
dec2014/2/leopard view branch tree
LEOPARD - side view, on branch in tree
dec2014/2/papua new guinea huli woman breast feeding child
Papua New Guinea - Huli woman breast feeding child & piglet
dec2014/2/solomons cockatoo ducorps cockatoo
Solomons Cockatoo / Ducorps Cockatoo
dec2014/2/dromedary camel carvan train
Dromedary Camel carvan / train
dec2014/2/great hammerhead shark diver valerie taylor
Great Hammerhead Shark - With diver Valerie Taylor
dec2014/2/girloa3 eye close up single hazel eye
GirlOA³ EYE - close-up of single hazel eye
dec2014/2/rockhopper penguins close up single bird
Rockhopper Penguins - close-up of single bird with
dec2014/2/cottony cushion scale attended ants
Cottony Cushion Scale - attended by ants
dec2014/2/cat ginger kitten barn
Cat - Ginger kitten in barn
dec2014/2/flying ants black garden ants nest workers
Flying Ants - of Black Garden Ants - in nest with workers
dec2014/2/grey squirrel flowers garden
Grey Squirrel - among flowers in garden
dec2014/2/melia azedarach bead tree fruit
MELIA azedarach / Bead Tree - with fruit
dec2014/2/black winged pratincole view
Black-winged PRATINCOLE - side view
dec2014/2/argentina perito moreno glacier
Argentina - Perito Moreno Glacier
dec2014/2/white mangrove pneumatophores pencil roots
White MANGROVE - Pneumatophores (pencil roots)
dec2014/2/white cockeral chicken crowing
White Cockeral CHICKEN - crowing
dec2014/2/chaffinch fungi
Chaffinch - with fungi
dec2014/2/fuel wood collection
Fuel WOOD Collection
dec2014/2/red crab land crab spawning surf
Red Crab (Land Crab) - spawning in the surf at
dec2014/2/pochard duck ducklings
Pochard Duck - ducklings
dec2014/2/duck billed platypus foot
Duck-billed Platypus - front foot
dec2014/2/palm swift nest eggs glued saliva
Palm Swift - nest - eggs are glued in with saliva
dec2014/2/wood duck carolina duck drake pond guarding
Wood Duck / Carolina Duck - drake on pond guarding nest box
dec2014/2/trumpeter swan sitting bank
Trumpeter Swan - Sitting, on Bank
dec2014/2/bengal tiger close
Bengal Tiger - Close Up
dec2014/2/pale chanting goshawk pair nest young
Pale Chanting Goshawk - pair at nest with young
dec2014/2/south wales pembrokeshire coast
South WALES - Pembrokeshire coast
dec2014/2/india holy man large boulder
India - Holy man & large boulder
dec2014/2/praying mantis female eating male mate
PRAYING MANTIS - female eating her male mate
dec2014/2/monarch wanderer butterflies
Monarch / Wanderer Butterflies
dec2014/2/human head louse hair
Human Head Louse - on hair
dec2014/2/black harrier prey
Black Harrier - with Prey
dec2014/2/antarctic krill x four close up
ANTARCTIC KRILL - x four, close-up
dec2014/2/ash tree old pollard ash tree cut hay field
Ash Tree - old Pollard Ash Tree in cut hay field
dec2014/2/chaffinch apple blossom
Chaffinch - by apple blossom
dec2014/2/sparrows fed
Sparrows - being fed
dec2014/2/rice planting
Rice Planting
dec2014/2/spinifex covered hillside
Spinifex covered hillside
dec2014/2/sensitive plant sleeping grass close up
Sensitive Plant / Sleeping Grass - close-up
dec2014/2/superb lyrebird mature male bird
Superb LYREBIRD - mature male bird
dec2014/2/rockhopper penguin colony rocks sea
Rockhopper Penguin - colony on rocks by the sea
dec2014/2/grey black wolf adults feeding deer
Grey & Black Wolf - three adults feeding on deer
dec2014/2/nile crocodile attacking wildebeest gnu
Nile CROCODILE - attacking Wildebeest / Gnu
dec2014/2/salvia splendens garden bed
Salvia splendens - in garden bed
dec2014/2/grizzly bear standing aspen forest
Grizzly BEAR - standing in Aspen forest
dec2014/2/common bumblebee feeding allium flower
Common Bumblebee - feeding on allium flower
dec2014/2/dog border collie puppy lying grass
DOG - border collie puppy lying on grass
dec2014/2/dog golden retriever sitting rock
DOG - Golden Retriever, sitting on rock
dec2014/2/minke whale oawarf minkeoa subpecies bring
Minke WHALE - OA„warf MinkeOA Subpecies, bring photographed
dec2014/2/dog siberian husky puppy close up
DOG - Siberian Husky puppy, close-up
dec2014/2/european fox fighting food
European Fox - fighting over food
dec2014/2/grizzly bear water walking
Grizzly BEAR - at water, walking along
dec2014/2/jerdons bushlark
Jerdon's Bushlark
dec2014/2/wild daffodils cleared area
Wild DAFFODILS - in cleared area
dec2014/2/brown falcon prey
Brown FALCON - with prey
dec2014/2/platypus research scientist mackenzie
Platypus research - scientist with 'Mackenzie' - newborn
dec2014/2/nile crocodile attacking wildebeest gnu rivers
Nile Crocodile - attacking wildebeest / Gnu at river's edge
dec2014/2/spider web
Spider Web
dec2014/2/dog husky sitting puppies
DOG - Husky sitting with two puppies
dec2014/2/common burchells plains zebra female foal
Common / Burchell's / Plains Zebra - female with foal
dec2014/2/dog boxer close up head
DOG - Boxer, close-up of head


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