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dec2014/5/dog westie west highland white terrier
Dog - Westie / West Highland White Terrier - running
dec2014/5/naked mole rat
Naked Mole Rat
dec2014/5/european griffon vulture flight soaring showing
European Griffon Vulture - In flight - Soaring showing 'long fingers'
dec2014/5/cat ginger tabby cat sitting
CAT - Ginger and tabby cat sitting together
dec2014/5/orange tip butterfly
Orange Tip Butterfly
dec2014/5/kat 441 namaqua chameleon hunting dune beetle
KAT-441 Namaqua Chameleon - Hunting a Dune Beetle on the Namib Plains - Beetle suspended
dec2014/5/kingfisher flight diving
Kingfisher - in flight diving
dec2014/5/sea otter sleeping
Sea Otter - sleeping
dec2014/5/brown long eared bat flight
Brown Long-eared Bat - in flight
dec2014/5/kingfisher perched himalyan balsam plant
Kingfisher - perched on Himalyan Balsam Plant (Impatiens
dec2014/5/pied flycatcher pale plumage variation
Pied Flycatcher - pale plumage variation
dec2014/5/cattle limousin breed
Cattle - Limousin breed
dec2014/5/southern hawker dragonfly female flight
Southern Hawker Dragonfly - female in flight
dec2014/5/schreibers long fingered schreibers long eared
Schreiber's Long-fingered / Schreiber's Long-eared / Schreiber's Bat flying
dec2014/5/kat 441 namaqua chameleon hunting dune beetle
KAT-441 Namaqua Chameleon - Hunting a Dune Beetle on the Namib Plains - Beetle suspended
dec2014/5/eri silkmoth eggs
Eri Silkmoth - Eggs
dec2014/5/cat lilac british shorthair 4 months old
Cat - Lilac British Shorthair - 4 months old
dec2014/5/paleontologist palaeontologist eric depre
Paleontologist / Palaeontologist Eric Depre among
dec2014/5/sun conure
Sun Conure
dec2014/5/camel spider eating cricket
Camel Spider - eating cricket
dec2014/5/cat tabby cat sitting beam
CAT - Tabby cat sitting on a beam
dec2014/5/common bottlenose dolphin air bubble rings
Common Bottlenose Dolphin - with air bubble rings
dec2014/5/snowy plover
Snowy Plover
dec2014/5/paleontologist palaeontologist eric depreaa aittle
Paleontologist / Palaeontologist Eric DepreaA A¬ittle museum
dec2014/5/cat sable burmese sable tortie 3 months old
Cat - Sable Burmese and Sable Tortie - 3 months old
dec2014/5/ahmad azhari coordinator conservation holds
Ahmad Azhari - (coordinator for Conservation) holds
dec2014/5/dog english setter
Dog - English Setter
dec2014/5/dog afghan hound tazi
Dog - Afghan Hound / Tazi
dec2014/5/dog english springer spaniel puppies running
DOG - English springer spaniel puppies running
dec2014/5/scarlet tanager
Scarlet Tanager
dec2014/5/amboseli national park landscape
Amboseli National Park landscape
dec2014/5/haetera macleannania butterfly
Haetera macleannania Butterfly
dec2014/5/moth chrysalid
Moth - Chrysalid
dec2014/5/high island rookery
High Island Rookery
dec2014/5/roseate spoonbill pair rookery
Roseate Spoonbill - pair at rookery
dec2014/5/twin lakes
Twin Lakes
dec2014/5/giant silk moth couple
Giant Silk Moth - Couple
dec2014/5/african elephant swamp
African Elephant - in swamp
dec2014/5/lesser puss moth catalepsy death feigning
Lesser Puss Moth - catalepsy (Death feigning posture)
dec2014/5/spanish moon moth caterpillar hybridisation
Spanish Moon Moth - caterpillar of the hybridisation
dec2014/5/wild boar piglet forest
Wild Boar - piglet in forest
dec2014/5/brown chicken eggs egg case
Brown Chicken Eggs - in egg case
dec2014/5/donkeys pulling carts ol pejeta conservancy
Donkeys - pulling carts between Ol Pejeta Conservancy
dec2014/5/common bronzewing dove
Common Bronzewing / Dove
dec2014/5/moth caterpillars head
Moth - Caterpillar's head
dec2014/5/eri silkmoth caterpillar
Eri Silkmoth - Caterpillar
dec2014/5/peacock butterfly chrysalid nettle leaf
Peacock Butterfly - chrysalid under an nettle leaf
dec2014/5/bat eared fox family den
Bat-eared Fox - family in den
dec2014/5/grey crowned cranes displaying
Grey Crowned Cranes - displaying
dec2014/5/bamboo pyrethrum daisies
Bamboo - and Pyrethrum Daisies
dec2014/5/silkworm moth caterpillar eating morbus alba
Silkworm Moth - Caterpillar eating morbus alba leaf
dec2014/5/little corella pair copulating
Little Corella - pair copulating
dec2014/5/african elephants young bulls jousting
African Elephants - young bulls jousting
dec2014/5/peacock butterfly chrysalid nettle leaf
Peacock Butterfly - Chrysalid under a nettle leaf
dec2014/5/common zebra burchells zebra rear view
Common Zebra / Burchell's Zebra - rear view
dec2014/5/greater flamingo flock pool
Greater Flamingo - flock in pool
dec2014/5/cat persian kitten
Cat - Persian Kitten
dec2014/5/cat tiffanie kitten sitting log
CAT - Tiffanie kitten sitting in front of log in
dec2014/5/cinnabar moth caterpillar bright colours
Cinnabar Moth - Caterpillar - the bright colours
dec2014/5/common marmoset
Common Marmoset
dec2014/5/southern ants nest hole
Southern Fire Ants - at nest hole
dec2014/5/great giant barracudas colorful soft corals
Great / Giant Barracudas by colorful Soft Corals
dec2014/5/long fin bannerfish
Long Fin Bannerfish
dec2014/5/yellow sea fan feather star comaster
Yellow Sea Fan - Feather Star (Comaster multibrachiatus)
dec2014/5/moluccen mushroom coral
Moluccen Mushroom Coral
dec2014/5/humpback humpback red paddletail snapper
Humpback / Humpback Red / Paddletail Snapper
dec2014/5/hooded crow foraging shore low tide
Hooded Crow - foraging on shore at low tide
dec2014/5/barn owl male mossy post buttercup meadow
Barn Owl - male on mossy post in buttercup meadow
dec2014/5/common eider drake swimming
Common Eider - drake swimming
dec2014/5/fulmar pair abandoned croft building
Fulmar - pair on abandoned croft building
dec2014/5/shetland pony group
Shetland Pony - group
dec2014/5/dog jack russell playing pond
Dog - Jack Russell - playing on pond
dec2014/5/great tit feeding young hollow tree
Great Tit - feeding young in hollow tree
dec2014/5/shetland pony lying
Shetland Pony - lying down
dec2014/5/little owl youngster nest box
Little Owl - youngster at nest box
dec2014/5/great tit threat display
Great Tit - threat display
dec2014/5/baluch ground gecko
Baluch Ground Gecko
dec2014/5/gannet nesting cliffs
Gannet - nesting on cliffs
dec2014/5/shetland pony backlit
Shetland Pony - backlit
dec2014/5/wood ant threat position larch
Wood Ant - in threat position on Larch
dec2014/5/serotine bat flight temporary pond
Serotine Bat - in flight above a temporary pond
dec2014/5/peacock butterfly chrysalis throws away
Peacock Butterfly - the chrysalis throws away the
dec2014/5/dubernards luna moth caterpillar
Dubernard's Luna Moth - Caterpillar
dec2014/5/king parrot male
King Parrot - male
dec2014/5/cat chocolate 7 silver abyssinian
Cat - Chocolate 7 Silver Abyssinian
dec2014/5/silkworm moth approching mating
Silkworm Moth - Approching for mating
dec2014/5/cassowary skull
Cassowary - skull
dec2014/5/proboscis monkey long nosed monkey
Proboscis Monkey / Long-Nosed Monkey
dec2014/5/mountain gorilla silverback resting
Mountain Gorilla - silverback resting
dec2014/5/mountain gorilla group resting
Mountain Gorilla - group resting
dec2014/5/great white pelican group lake edge
Great White Pelican - group on lake edge
dec2014/5/southern white rhinoceros adult 3 month old
Southern White Rhinoceros - adult with 3 month old calf
dec2014/5/sandboarding namib
Sandboarding in the Namib
dec2014/5/sweetwaters tented camp
Sweetwaters Tented Camp
dec2014/5/great peacock moth caterpillar
Great Peacock Moth - Caterpillar
dec2014/5/local man cycling ol pejeta conservancy
Local Man - cycling between Ol Pejeta Conservancy
dec2014/5/numbat banded anteater marsupial anteater
Numbat/ Banded Anteater / Marsupial Anteater
dec2014/5/eacles penelope moth caterpillar
Eacles penelope Moth - Caterpillar
dec2014/5/eri silkworm moth female
Eri Silkworm Moth - Female


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