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Camouflaged Gallery

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Western Keeled Snake - Lying coiled against a rock face
JZ-3077 Texas Horned Lizard
Two Horned Lark chicks - in nest below Tanacetum tibeticum plant
JPF-14188 Northern Leaf Tailed Gecko - Camouflaged against bark of tree
JPF-14189 Northern Leaf Tailed Gecko - Camouflaged against bark of tree
JLM-11614 Puss Moth
JB-300 Capercaillie - female sits in plants
GET-617 Southern Rock AGAMA LIZARD- Camouflage
FG-1223 Gila Monster - in desert habitat
EL-216 Horsts Tree Frog - sheltering / hibernating
Scarlet Lily Beetle larvae, in camouflage coating of faeces
Common Snipe - Single adult perching on fence post
Lineated Barbet
DAD-1940 Bracket Fungus - Habitat parasitic on deciduous trees, usually found on the lower part of the trunks
COS-716 Leaf-tailed Gecko
CK-4458 Grey Partridge - female on edge of barley stubble field with young
CK-1758 Grey Plover - nest & eggs
CAN-3235 Western Diamondback Rattlesnake Coiled - In prickly pear cactus
Leaf scorpionfish a camouflage predator that has poisonous spines on its back to defend itself
Sand or Broadhead flathead, master of camouflage in its sandy habitat
Tassled or Smallscale scorpionfish. Has venomous spines
Emperor gum moth - larva, hanging upside down to maximise camouflage
Sandhopper - protecting itself by kicking desert sand over its body, is as red as the sand of its habitat
AUS-1742 Leafy Seadragon
AUS-1786 Southern Keeled Octopu
AUS-1790 Southern Keeled Octopus - matching body colour to the gravel / sand
AUS-1744 Leafy Seadragon - juvenile, not uncommon but rarely seen due to camouflage
AUS-1788 Southern Keeled Octopus - burying itself in sand
AUS-1787 Southern Keeled Octopus - half buried in sand, has altered colouration to closely match its surroundings
Leafy seadragon, juvenile. Is camouflaged so that predators or prey do not recognise it as fish
Leafy seadragon. It has superb camouflage: neither predator nor prey recognises it as a fish
Leafy seadragon, juvenile
Southern sole a small sole found commonly in south Australias gulfs but rarely elsewhere
Elongated flounder, found in shallow coastal bays in southern Australia
AU-35-KD Small-toothed Flounder
Leopard Flounder
Common Snipe - adult perching on fence post
Common Snipe - Close-up of single adult on ground in vegetation
BITTERN - sky pointing
WAT-5296 Namaqua Chameleon
Black Grouse - female on frost covered ground
WAT-13782 Lanternfly / Peanut-head Bug / Alligator Bug
European Brown HARES - X3 leverets (young) among violets with ears flattened
Green Oak Roller MOTH
Pine Weevil - on lichen-covered rock
Bagworm - psychid moth larva, on rock
Little Bustard - female stood in grass - April
Ppg-510 Leaf Butterfly - Wings Closed

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