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Indo Pacific Gallery

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KEL-399 Broadclub Cuttlefish
Indo-Pacific sergeant guarding its eggs, dark speckles on the coral rock behind the fish
Soft CORAL - and Sea Fans. Coral covered with Featherstars or Crinoids
Olive Ridley / Golfina TURTLE - side view, on the sand, by the sea
VT-8877 Clown Triggerfish
VT-8872 Regal angelfish - Common throughtout the Indo-Pacific
VT-7445 Kleins Butterfly Fish
VT-6531 Butterfly Fish
VT-5718 Ornate Butterflyfish
PM-9878 Butterfly fish / Beaked coral fish
PM-10506 Blackbar Triggerfish / Picasso Fish
KEL-914 Threadfin Butterflyfish - Tropical Indo pacific
Bottlenose Dolphins - X Three
Bottlenose Dolphin - Pod
Polynesian Rat
Olive Ridley / Golfina TURTLE - heading towards the sea
Olive Ridley / Golfina TURTLE - group, many emerging from the sea
Black-tip / Blacktip Reef SHARKS - In water so shallow they stir up the sand
Sea Snake - Banded SEA KRAIT
Estuarine / Saltwater / Indo-Pacific Crocodile
Lined Sweetlips - shoal
Threadfin Pearl Perch
Teira Batfish - These gentle plankton eating fish are found in shoals throughout the Indo-Pacific
STINGRAYS - These large soft rays live on sand in the Moorea lagoon. They have become a tourist attraction
Golden SWEEPER - congregating in the safety of a wreck
Long-jawed / Striped / Indian MACKEREL - feeding on Plankton
Chambered / Pearly / Common NAUTILUS - close-up, in deep water
Chambered / Pearly / Common NAUTILUS
Chambered / Pearly / Common NAUTILUS - in deep water
Maroon / Spine-cheeked Clownfish / Anemone Fish
Whitemouth Moray Eel
Black-spotted PUFFERFISH - side view
Lionfish / Dragonfish - common on shallow coral reefs
Marine Betta / Comet Fish
Copperband / Beaked / Golden Long-nosed / Long Nosed BUTTERFLY FISH - Has protective eye in tail
Moorish Idol
Moorish Idol
Black-Tip Shark - With fin above water
Indo-Pacific / Indian Ocean / Long-beaked Bottlenose Dolphin
Indo-Pacific Humpback / Pink / Chinese White DOLPHIN - head out of water
Silvertip Reef Shark - these beautiful sharks grow to 3 plus meters in length and can be dangerous to humans
Grey Reef SHARKS - searching for a tube of herring stuffed beneath a coral
Grey Reef SHARKS - The Tumotos are the only area left in the world where sharks can still be see in large numbers like
Grey Reef SHARKS - These sharks live in the passes running from the open ocean into huge lagoons
Grey Reef SHARKS - swimming over the photographer who is lying in a gutter

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Puzzles, Prints, Cards, Housewares, Framed, Posters, Canvas, Metal, Fine Art, Mounted...

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