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Leaping Gallery

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Welsh Terriers
Humpback Whale breaching at sunrise
Humpback Whale pair breaching
Humpback Whale breaching
Humpback Whale breaching with outstretched pectoral
Gentoo Penguin chick jumping
Proboscis / Long-nosed Monkey - jumping
Bengal / Indian TIGER - leaping through water
Wild Rabbit - jumping
Tasmanian Pademelon - action shot of an adult in the process of jumping kangaroo style
LEOPARD - Jumping across water
Borzoi / Russian Wolfhound - running
Royal Bengal Tiger - jumping through pond
Siberian / Amur TIGER - jumping through snow
European Brown Hare - two boxing
Cat - European Shorthair Brown Tabby - jumping in mid-air
LA-7229 Dog - Welsh Terrier
Wood / Long-tailed field MOUSE - jumping with hazel nut
Colobus guereza Black and White Colobus Monkey - leaping in mid-air
RES-850 Brown Hares - Boxing
RES-849 Brown Hares - Boxing
JPF-2576 RED KANGAROO - running
FL-3005 Eastern Grey Kangaroo - Running
BB-1429 Dark bush cricket - female jumping
Adelie Penquins - Three porpoising beside sea ice
Grey squirrel - jumping with walnut front view
Leopard - jumping from tree
Eastern Grey KANGAROOS - hopping
Red-crowned Crane - displaying, wings outstretched
DOG - Boston Great Dane on beach
Bottlenosed Dolphin - Leaping out of water at sunset
CAT - two kittens playing in the grass
Dog Schweizer Laufhund / Swiss Hound
Fish jump out of the water displaced by large below
Domestic Cat Bas Rhin France
Blue / Common / White-bearded Wildebeest / Brindled Gnu
Illustration Piebald Pony
Illustration Brown Hares
Japanese Macaque / Snow Monkey jumping over a stream
Proboscis / Long-nosed Monkey - in flight jumping
Dog - Poodle jumping over wooden poles
Dog - Parson Jack Russells jumping wooden poles
Dog - Parson Jack Russell jumping wooden poles
Emperor Penquin - Two leaping from hole in sea ice after fishing trip
Horse Rider - jumping
Dog Alsatian / German Shepherd - Jumping Up

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