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Images Dated 19th July 2004

Chimpanzee. Chimfunshi Chimp Reserve. Zambia
House Sparrow - Male in flight, wings down, side view
Chimpanzee - touching boy though cage bars
BB-673 Glowlight Tetra Fish
WAT-11815 Termite Mound at base of tree
WAT-11814 Termite Mounds
Chimpanzee - group
Chimpanzee - close-up of face of young
Chimpanzee - young in tree
Chimpanzee - two females with young in arms
Australia - A meteorite crater 130 million years old
Common Frog - Jumping upright, side view, tongue extended
Collared Lizard - Front view, close up
Hedgehog - Pulling worm
Common Frog - jumping upright, tongue extended
Green Shield Bug / Sting bug - Mated pair x4 mag at 16mm x24mm
Bullfinch - Male, in flight, head on
Goldfinch - On teasel, male, side view
House sparrow - Male in flight, wings up, side view
Ring-necked / Rose-ringed Parakeet
Lesser Redpoll - male, in flight
Greenfinch - male, in flight, side view, wings up
Goldfinch - female, in flight
Goldfinch - female, in flight wings spread
Bullfinch - Male, In flight
Weasel - Male raiding nestbox
Weasel - Male in moss, Close up of head
Rabbit - Youngster on hind legs in meadow
Siskin - Male on spruce
Siskin - Female on spruce
Pheasant - Male display calling
Greenfinch - male showing territorial aggression
Goldfinch - gathering nest material
Coal Tit - On spruce
Great Tit - Youngster, food begging
Great Tit - Youngster begging, stretching wings, On spruce
Blue Tit - On spruce
Duck-billed PLATYPUS - female in water, from above with courtship bite on tail
Siamese Fighting Fish - Blue form male, display, side view
Siamese Fighting Fish - Red form male, turning display, front view
Siamese Fighting Fish - Red form male, displaying

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