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Images Dated 25th April 2006

Mute Swan - Two together in a heart shape
Langdale Pikes in autumn sunshine
Fish - being cooked over fire
Fishing - fish, mainly catfish, drying on platform
People - man cooking, with fish being cooked over fire
Sheep - in field
DAN-5 Dahlia Anemone
DAN-6 Jewel Anemone
Mallards - 3 males wooing a female
Mallard - male
WAT-13037 Water Fern
ROG-9767 BUTTERCUPS and grasses - in an old, overgrown lawn
PM-9881 Lake Victoria cichlid, extinct in the wild
PM-9882 Lake Malawi Cichlid
PM-9903 Red Line Torpedo Barb
PM-9009 Rosebay Willow Herb - seeds
PM-7686 Buttress Roots - in Belize jungle
PM-10070 Downpoker Mormyrid - uses electric senses for navigation in the dark and in muddy water
Bangweuleu marshes - Zambia
Short-Eared Owl - Hunting
Caribou / Reindeer - antlers on autumn Tundra
Little Owl - adult feeding young with Ghost Moth at nest entrance
Green Ants
Green Ants
Green Ants - building nest
Snow Goose - Leaving Roost at Dawn
SNOW Geese - flock on water
Gentoo Penguin - Feeding Chick
United States - Yellowstone National Park
Mountain Gorilla - feeding on vegetation
Grey Seal - lying on beach
Mute Swan - Washing
Moorhens - Fighting
Pintail Duck - in water
Arctic Tern - Showing aggression towards intruder
Sandwich Tern - Fishing from Sea
Whooper Swan - Feeding
Red-winged & Yellow-headed Blackbird
Ruddy Turnstone & Sanderling (Calidris alba)
Knot - Breeding Plumage
Oystercatcher - Displaying
Tree Swallow - Migrating Flock
Sandhill CRANE - Taking off from frozen lake
Sandhill CRANE - Flock in flight
Sandhill CRANE - Sillouette at sunset
Sandhill CRANE - Coming in to land
Sandhill CRANE - Sillouettes
Southern Blue-ringed Octopus - Displays bright blue rings when annoyed
Spear THISTLE - flower and thistledown
Kalij Pheasant - Introduced Species
Pacific Golden Plover
Red-tailed Tropicbird - display Flight
Curlew - Roosting
White-headed Marsh Tyrant
Palm Tanager
Palm Tanager
Antarctic / Great Skua - In flight
Swallow - Collecting Mud for Nest
Snow Geese - Dawn Flight

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