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Images Dated 22nd August 2006

UK - Corn fields & poppies on South Downs, as a field margin
Zambia - Tonga women pounding grain near the shore
Golden rain tree or Pride-of-India: flowers and fruits
Common heather, or ling, in flower
Common heather, or ling, in flower, with normal and white
VT-8804 Barramundi cod - juvenile
VT-8805 Honeycomb cod - common along most coral reefs
VT-8802 Fingered Dragonet - Male
VT-8800 Ambon scorpionfish
VT-8801 Potato Cod - this fish are generaly found in family groups living in a chosen area which makes them a fine fish
VT-8795 Dwarf Lionfish
VT-8796 Smallscale Scorpionfish
VT-8799 Buttetfly Wing Scorpionfish
VT-8797 Ambon Scorpionfish
VT-8793 Humpback Scorpionfish
VT-8806 Camouflage Rockcod
VT-8794 Bat fish
VT-8792 Clearfin Turkeyfish
VT-8789 Stone fish
VT-8790 Dwarf lionfish
VT-8791 Twinspot Lionfish
VT-8788 Stone fish
CAN-2611 Buckhorn Cholla Cactus
CAN-2614 Green Lynx Spider - On prickly pear with captive prey
Zebra Scorpionfish
CHINA - Li River, Yangshuo, Guangxi Province
Katydid - On prickly pear cactus
Wildebeest / Gnu - migration
Blue Wildbeest / Gnu - aerial
Hartebeest / Kongoni - Pair mating
Hartebeest / Kongoni - Fighting
Bontebok - Subspecies, now extinct as wild animals
Roundtail Ground Squirrel
Northern Cardinal - Female
Mourning Dove - On prickly pear cactus
House Finch - On ocotillo
Common Ground Dove - On nest in prickly pear cactus
Blackbird - Perched on branch
Greenfinch on a branch
Cape Vulture - Perched on rock
Cape Vulture - In flight
Cape Vulture - On ground
Cape Vulture - With skeleton bone
Magpie - Perched on plant-pot in garden
Chaffinch - male on branch of appletree with blossoms

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